Printing on fabric with shaving foam: Simple DIY technique for marble patterns

Printing on fabric with shaving foam: simple DIY technique for marble patterns

Are you looking for another great activity that will fill you with optimism in the final days of winter? You could print fabric and decorate it nicely for the new season. Furthermore, this is an artistic activity that you can also do together with friends or other family members. There are different simple techniques that could be used. Today we are going to show you one with which you can create fabulous marble patterns. We found the idea on this English-language website.

Have all the materials you need ready so you can focus on the creative work

Spread shaving foam and print fabrics

Who is the technology suitable for?

If you print on fabrics with this marble technique, you will achieve a beautiful and at the same time abstract effect. Therefore, the execution of the details is not so important. In the end it will look nice anyway, even if you are not particularly skilled at hand. So the technique is pretty suitable even for beginners. Experienced DIY fans could create real works of art. Most of the resources you use to do this are also within your reach or easy to find.

Printing fabrics – that can also be pretty easy

Print fabrics DIY art

Printing the fabric with marble patterns: Materials required

  • Shaving cream,
  • Textile dyes,
  • Dishtowels,
  • Garbage bags,
  • Toothpicks / thin brushes,
  • A larger knife or other flat metal object.

Pick your favorite colors!

Printing fabrics - different colored dots


Now we will explain how you can use this technique to print on fabric. Pour a large amount of shaving cream into a large bowl. Stretch out the trash bag on the work surface. So spread the shaving cream on top. Next, put a few drops of fabric dye on it. At this point you could individualize the project. One option would be to take different shades. A particularly elegant result is achieved when using different shades of the same color. You should then use a tooth stick or the handle of a paintbrush to whirl the different shades together. Next, you should lay out the fabric on the already colored shaving foam and gently press it on. With the back of the knife or with the help of another metal object, after a few minutes you will have to scrape the shaving cream off the cloth. In the end, only the desired colored patterns remain.

This technique often uses different shades of the same color

Fabrics print black and blue

Final tips

You can determine not only the colors, but also the intensity of the pattern yourself. The larger the surface or the smaller the amount of colors, the brighter and more subtle the end result will be. Start with a few smaller wipes first until you are really good at the technique. Then you could then realize a larger project. It is best to choose colors that are in your interior decoration. This makes it easier for you to use your works of art.

Here is another technique you can use to print on fabrics

The amount of color and the width of the fabric determine the intensity of the colors in the end result

Print several great colors of fabrics

The technique works with different types of fabric

Printing on fabrics, DIY ideas

Try these DIY ideas out with small towels first

great craft ideas to print fabrics

You could spice up the old towels with this marble technique

Fabrics print practical fabrics


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