Pure flexibility: the perfect shelving system for every room

Pure flexibility: the perfect shelving system for every room

The pegboard shelving system is defined as something very modern, because it doesn’t look like a typical shelf. Here it goes a level higher than the conventional variants and this level ensures 100% flexibility and monochrome interior design. In the following paragraphs you will find the most important details about the pegboard.

One shelving system for everything

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The beginning of the shelving system

The beginning of this type of shelving system was made in the large market chains and large companies still attach great importance to such shelves today. The pegboard is known worldwide as the “pegboard” and is used for many DIY projects, because the light construction does not require any prior knowledge. Nowadays, shelving systems are widely seen as the best way to display products in stores. In every supermarket, drugstore or hardware store, the shelves are positioned in different places. This type of pegboards differs very slightly from the variants that are suitable for interior decoration, but the principle remains the same.

Keep your home tidy

Pegboard design concept layout

Designs of pegboards

After the great interest in our last DIY article about “Pegboard”, we have collected a number of different and attractive ideas for every taste.

The design of the pegboard depends very much on the function of the shelving system. This means that there is a certain order, structure and color scheme for every room. If you want to use the pegboard for tools, you can design a neutral and at the same time easy-care surface. Another possibility is the construction made of metal or positioned in the attic. For this reason, the stable construction is particularly important and the easy-care pegboard can be tidied up regularly. The wooden variants are not recommended in this case.

Flexibility and an attractive look can be combined, but that requires a bit of imagination and experience. The shelving system is part of the wall decoration and this is exactly why you should choose a similar or matching color. You can do the design with metal or wood paint, but allow enough time to dry out before you start mounting it on the wall. Colors like red, yellow, black, and green don’t work particularly well on the pegboard. The neutral colors are one of the trends this year and that also applies to the shelving systems. You can also use a uniform color like the wall design to make the “pegboard”. In any case, be creative with the design, it will be worth it!

The pegboard is ideal for accessories

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Position the “pegboard” shelving system

Compared to other shelving systems, the pegboard does not have a specific position. Our ideas are presented in almost every room and we hope that you will find suitable inspiration. The aim of the shelving system is to ensure 100% flexibility and order at home and for this reason you should think carefully about which place fits best.

A large number of homeowners place the “pegboards” in their garage or basement. The advantages are clear: practical, flexible and big enough for tools. Scissors, screwdrivers and similar materials can be stored there very easily. Craftsmen who work from home and carry out various projects prefer the pegboard.

Better organization and flexibility in one

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The shelving system can have a very important function for our everyday life in any room. The perfect example is the pegboard that is positioned in the hallway. Umbrellas, home accessories or other everyday objects are very often needed at the last minute before you leave the house.

Wooden pegboard ensures a stylish appearance

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The shelving systems always ensure better order at home. But not all variants are as easy to build yourself as the pegboard. In the picture gallery you will find a perfectly suitable pegboard for every room. Let yourself be inspired by the numerous ideas.

The pegboard can also be used in the kitchen

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Fresh wood color will significantly improve the look

diy nae ideas and tips shelving system

DIY shelf for DIY materials? Sounds good, does not it?

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Position everyday objects in a practical way!

hallway ideas and tips shelving system ideas ideas and tips shelving system ideas pegboard design concept Ideas and tips shelving system kitchen shelving system ideas order ideas and tips shelving system Pegboard ideas tips pegboard ideas and tips shelving system Pegboard ideas wall Pegboard ideas Shelving system ideas tips

Shelf system pegboard design concept sleeper pegboard7

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Pegboard design concept color Pegboard design concept layout Pegboard design concept wood

Be creative with the design of the pegboard

Pegboard design concept

Clear and very practical!

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