Rattan lounger for the garden or for the pool?

Rattan lounger for the garden or for the pool?

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If you can take a rattan lounger on a lonely island …

You know the funny question: "Who would you take along on a lonely island?", Right? Let's expand this. If you were to take a beautiful rattan lounger, would you do it and which model would you choose?

That would be good … You have plenty of time to just lazy, to enjoy nature and to think about yourself and the world.

Can you give an answer? Maybe the list of great pictures will help you …

Convertible rattan lounger

rattan sunlounger rattan sun lounger

This model is certainly not the most spectacular. But it has many other benefits. For example, it can be easily converted into a bed, a couch and even a standard bench. The upholstery is very comfortable and easy to clean.

Rattan lounger like a small summery living room

sunbed sunbeds rattan lounger rattan

Sleeping in the open air is a fulfilled dream. This rattan lounger offers that, but also the relaxed sitting around in the afternoon. You always have a pleasant shade. Such a rattan lounger is also perfect for reading! Hopefully you can take some great, exciting books on the lonely island!

For a perfect afternoon

sunbed lounger rattan rattan sun lounger

These rattan loungers together represent the symbol of ying and yang energy. Such a spiritual support could always be needed. They are also handy if you want to drink a snack or a refreshing drink in the afternoon.

Water resistant rattan lounger

sun lounger rattan lounger rattan rattan loungers

With a rattan lounger you can possibly cross the border to the water. If you have to wait on a ship anyway, it's best to do that, right?

A little nest

rattan sun lounger rattan rattan loungers

The forms of nature are also inspirational for rattan loungers designers. With such a model you would feel like in a bird's nest. This experience certainly has something to it.

Foldable and easy to move

rattan sun lounger rattan loungers sunbeds

Whether you spend the summer on a porch or on a deserted island, a folding rattan lounger that can be pushed back and forth by wheels could be very handy. Such models are there and they seduce you to lie down and rest.

Rattan and sea blue

rattan garden loungers rattan loungers sunbeds

The combination of the natural color of the rattan and the sea blue is so beautiful, especially on the coast … It's really amazing why it's still used on so few models.

Something between tent and rattan lounger

rattan loungers sunbeds rattan lie

You need a tent and a rattan lounger, you find? Obviously you are not the only one. You can save space by getting yourself such a rattan lounger!

Choose a comfortable model

furniture ideas rattan lounger sunbed rattan loungers

The round rattan loungers take up more space

garden loungers rattan rattan lounger sun lounger rattan

Sunlounger model for two persons

rattan sun lounger rattan lounger rattan lounger

Enjoy paradise in a comfortable way

rattan lounger rattan sun lounger rattan

Would you choose this rocking couch?

rattan sunlounger sunbed rattan lounger

Also, think of matching rattan lounger liners

sunbed rattan lounger sunlounger rattan

Offer your guests good comfort

rattan gardening sun lounger rattan lounger

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