Setting plant stones: Instructions and ideas for your individualized garden design

Setting plant stones: Instructions and ideas for your individualized garden design

The plant stones in the garden are an extremely solid attachment and, above all, a decoration that is very popular for many garden owners. Their extremely decorative function allows almost unlimited uses. But for the stable and long-term setting of ring stones, creativity and a clearly formulated design concept are necessary. To help you with your garden design with plant stones, we have not only prepared helpful tips for you in today’s article, but also practical instructions that you must follow step by step.

The possible uses are really numerous, so that you can set the plant stones creatively and design something unique such as slope reinforcement, wall, raised bed or simply to introduce them as an additional decoration. The plant stones are available in various colors and sizes in hardware stores across the country. You would certainly be spoiled for choice, but in this case you have to decide for yourself which option would suit your garden design best.

The possible uses are almost unlimited … so experiment!

anthracite color palette and shapes

Setting plant stones: the instructions

The plant rings or also often called plant stones are made of concrete. Their great advantage is that they have a side toothing and thus make a very flexible structure possible. You should first determine the location and think about whether the placement of the plant stones makes sense at all. For this reason, it is very important to determine which size would be the most suitable for your garden. The best thing to do is to look for plant stones in suitable sizes and colors on site and then start planning.

Step 1

Each state has different permits for this type of project. Before starting your project, do some thorough research on this.

First concret the attachment for the planting stones and match the straight line. The whole construction will be exactly on the line and it must be designed very professionally.

Pay attention to the straight line

mason's cord for clear lines


step 2

You will then need a foundation trench that has a stable foundation. In order to improve the stability and robustness of the building, an earth-moist concrete layer has to be put in before the planting stones are set and the concrete only poured in before the planting stones are set. A concrete thickness that is larger than the plant stones is recommended.

The plant stones should be designed to be particularly stable

Pour gravel concrete

step 3

For this you need a mason’s cord so that you have a straight line in the first row. To create a stable first row of plant stones, you should use a rubber mallet to hammer the stones into the concrete layer.

You will definitely need mason’s cord and rubber mallet

Rubber hammer and mason's cord fastening ring stones

Step 4

Fill the first row with gravel. But it depends on how many rows of building blocks you plan in advance. For example, it is best to fill them with a third of gravel or the ratio between gravel and garden soil should be 50/50.

The combination of gravel and garden soil is recommended

processing of planting rings

Step 5

If you already have the gravel level, then it is time to fill in the garden soil. Then you can plant the plant stones. The planting stones are not that big and you should put in a planting space cover as a final layer. You can choose this covering according to your taste. Lava mulch or ornamental gravel is recommended because they can keep the moisture in the planting soil.

Enjoy your bottom line with the family

plant rings in red with plants

plant rings in light gray in the burr

creative line with plant stones

3d concept of planting stones

mason's cord for clear lines

3d concept in gray in the garden

red colored garden design with plant stones

plant stones and rings in anthracite

flowers and garden design with plant stones

individualized garden design with plant stones

gravel and concrete planting rings

plant rings in gray shape

Plant stones in gray garden design

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