Setup tips: What should not you have in the bedroom!

Setup tips: What should not you have in the bedroom!

The bedroom is one of those rooms where everyone wants to find peace, rest and healthy sleep. That's why the decor in this room is not that easy. There are a number of factors that must be considered in the bedroom furniture setup to create a good, relaxing atmosphere and to provide your own sleeping comfort. We have some interior design tips for you and want to show in the following, what may not be in the bedroom.

Furnishing tips for a nice and quiet bedroom

bedroom furniture furnishing tips bedroom fashion

The TV has no business in the bedroom

This will be a daunting task for the majority of people to get used to falling asleep without the TV on. Just try for a few weeks to give up the favorite series just before falling asleep. This sacrifice will only benefit you:

  • They do not distract themselves before falling asleep;
  • You do not delay sleep later by saying, "I'm watching another show". This guarantees you a few minutes restful sleep and reduces tiredness;
  • the "blue light" of the TV does not disturb your sleep quality.

Here you should just rest!

bedroom furnishings furnishing tips bedroom design

The home office can not be in the bedroom

If you position the desk in the bedroom, you can be sure that you will work more, surf the Internet, play games or do something else. The home office has no room in the bedroom and must not be part of this room. Set up a special room that is only for work. Even the living room is much more suitable for the home office than the bedroom.

Setup Tips: Avoid glaring colors

Whether you are a lover of bright colors or just plain bright red, forget about it when it comes to the design of the bedroom. The main task of this room is to relax and to provide good sleep and therefore these nuances are simply not suitable for this. Good bedroom colors are the bright shades of the following shades: yellow, blue, green and even orange. Avoid harsh nuances of: purple, violet, pink, gray and brown.

Choose a quiet color scheme for the bedroom

furnishing tips bedroom colors bedroom framing

You need curtains on the windows in the bedroom

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Windows without curtains are not a good idea

Windows without curtains, curtains or shutters can have a negative effect on your sleep. The undisturbed sunbeams, especially during the hot months, can disrupt your nighttime sleep and trigger a range of health problems. For this reason, consider curtains or curtains on the windows when designing your bedroom, as this will ensure a good and restful sleep. In addition, you hide from prying eyes of the neighbors.

Hide all clocks!

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Avoid the annoying ticking of the clock

There is nothing more annoying than the ticking of a clock when falling asleep. Whether mechanical or electronic, the clocks simply have no room in the bedroom. On an unconscious level, information on time can have an adverse effect on night sleep. When was the last time you lay down at 4 o'clock and desperately tried to fall asleep faster, at least until 4:30? This is exactly how it works.

These are our decorating tips to keep in mind to create a serene and cozy atmosphere in the bedroom. Take care of your comfort and good night sleep.

The bedroom should be a haven

furnishing tips bedroom decorating bedroom furniture

Set up the small bedroom in bright colors

furnishing tips bedroom decorating bedroom

Find furniture in the latest colors

furnishing tips bedroom dekotipps bedroom

Setup Tips: Choose a suitable wall color

furnishing tips bedroom color scheme bedroom

Avoid an overloaded bedroom furniture

furnishing tips bedroom fashion deco bedroom

furnishing tips bedroom modern bedroom

The bedroom bed should offer the highest comfort

elegant bedroom furniture furnishing tips bedroom

Create more color with home textiles

color scheme bedroom furnishings tips bedroom

Light and bright curtains for the small bedroom

small bedroom set up furnishing tips

The stuffed animals should be put away

bedroom ideas furnishing tips bedroom

bedroom ideas furnishing tips bedroom decoration

Carpets provide more coziness

bedroom carpet furnishing tips bedroom

It's best to set up a separate home office

bedroom design furnishings tips dekoideen bedroom

Set up a romantic bedroom

modern bedroom design furnishing tips bedroom

wall paint bedroom furnishing tips bedroom

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