Solid wood floorboards have a unique charm and many advantages

Solid wood floorboards have a unique charm and many advantages

Designing the floor at home is one of the most important tasks in any interior design. After all, the floor is one of the first things you notice when you walk into a room. No less important is the main role of the floor in creating the atmosphere of the room. With the huge variety of floor coverings on the market, one inevitably wonders which one is right for your home. Should it be a solid wood floor or should it be floor tiles? Of course there is no clear answer to this question, because every room is completely different and unique in itself. In addition, there are also the preferences of the residents and the selection becomes a laborious occupation. That is why we would like to help you and present one of the possible options: flooring with solid wood planks.

Solid wood planks are still a hot trend today

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What are solid wood planks actually?

For centuries people have benefited from the advantages of real wood floors. The wooden planks are still a popular material for flooring today. However, today there are differences in the laying and treatment of solid floorboards. But what are solid wood planks actually? They are a completely natural wood product, with each plank consisting of just one piece of solid wood. If you want to make your home cozy and natural, then the solid wood floor is the right choice.

Real wood floors are the perfect alternative for a natural interior design

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Why exactly solid wood planks?

By relying on solid wood floors, you allow yourself a natural lifestyle and high quality. The wooden planks made of real wood help to create a nice cosiness. Solid wood floorboards are characterized by their natural beauty. But not just because of that. They are a low-emission and moisture-regulating floor covering that contributes to a healthy indoor climate. The real wood floor ensures a healthy living environment and a cozy feeling of wellbeing. Wood absorbs excess moisture from the air and releases it when necessary. Solid floorboards also attract less dust, allergens and mold. Real wood planks can be sanded down several times and are resistant. They say about the real wood floor that it will last a lifetime. So you are freed from frequent repairs and cleaning.

Give your home more warmth with a floor covering made of real wood

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Real wood floorboards have different surface treatments. They appear oiled or natural. But in both cases they exude a unique charm. An inviting interior design is easily achieved.

Wooden floorboards are also easy to care for. It is important to use the right cleaning agents so that you can enjoy your beautiful wooden floor for a long time. Care oils and wood soap make the floor look new longer. So that there are no joints between the solid wood planks, you should ensure that the air humidity is balanced. Temperatures that are too high are also not recommended.

The real wood floor can also be combined with underfloor heating. This is even a particularly energy-saving decision. Nevertheless, there are few types of wood that are not suitable for underfloor heating. These include, for example, beech, maple and wenge.

Untreated or oiled, real wood floors are a timeless option for the floor

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A solid wood floor can be used in any style of living. With solid wood planks you can put a modern interior design into practice as well as a rural interior. After processing and surface treatment, numerous variants of solid wood planks are created, among which everyone can find something for themselves. Different types of wood with varied patterns, colors and lengths are available to you to design a suitable floor for your home. The wooden floorboards made of oak enjoy greater popularity not only because of the different designs, but also because of the strength and durability of this type of wood.

Well, there is a reason why real wood is so important to them. Even several. By using solid wood planks you not only give the home more comfort, but also a dose of luxury. Real wood floors made of acacia, bamboo or spruce … You decide for yourself, because you have to feel comfortable in your own four walls.

But if for whatever reason you have to do without a solid wood floor, there are other options for a floor covering with a beautiful wood look. Perhaps parquet or laminate would be a suitable alternative for you.

With a floor covering made of solid wood you give the room a wonderful rustic touch

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The solid wood floor is a must in a country house kitchen!

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A floor covering with a wood look brings the interior design closer to nature

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The wooden floor fits perfectly into a modern dining area

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Wooden floors in light color nuances combine wonderfully with white furniture

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When choosing the flooring in the bedroom, pay attention to the details!

Solid wood floorboards bedroom floor design ideas

Dark wooden floors look great against a white background

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Create an oasis of well-being in your own living room with beautiful wooden flooring

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Wood is the classic in interior design

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