Spring flowers in the pot indicate the coming spring

Spring flowers in the pot indicate the coming spring

Winter has already come to an end and you are gradually getting into the mood for spring. And what better way to bring the fresh and colorful mood of spring home than the splendor of the heralds of spring? For plant lovers this is an exciting season, when nature awakens from hibernation and blossoms again. The new season is a great opportunity for a green home decoration. If you are also a fan of plants, let yourself be inspired for an atmospheric decoration with spring flowers in a pot!

Spring flowers in pots are a real eye-catcher

spring flowers in pot primroses fresh colors

Spring flowers in the pot

If you put tulips, hyacinths, daffodils, snowdrops and crocuses on display, spring is knocking on the door. Incidentally, these early bloomers come into their own in groups. In addition to the bulb plants, other spring flowers such as violets, primroses, pansies and ranunculus can also be grown in pots at home.

In January you can buy onion flowers in pots from nurseries and garden centers. If you put the early bloomers in a warm and bright place, they will soon delight their owners with beautiful flowers. It is therefore advisable to move the spring flowers to a cooler location if you want to marvel at their beauty for longer. It is also advisable that the buds are not fully open when you buy them.

Otherwise you have to plant the flower bulbs in autumn if you want to do it yourself. A few months later, these unfold their beauty. However, you can also plant bulbs that have been driven forward. So you have a second chance to do this if you missed making it in the fall!

Good drainage is a must

spring flowers in a pot tulips many colors fresh decoration

A wide variety of containers can actually be turned into planters. Wooden boxes, zinc tubs and no longer usable pots or wicker baskets can easily be converted. By the way, an important detail is the drainage hole, from which the irrigation water drains. Do not forget this under any circumstances, because most bulbous plants do not tolerate waterlogging. Spring flowers also come to the fore in a hanging basket. But be careful and don’t leave the early bloomers outside in the cold. Only when the weather is warm enough can the spring flowers be placed in the garden or on the balcony.

A brief overview of the most popular spring flowers in pots


Who does not know the small white flowers of the snowdrops? And did you know that there are 19 species and hundreds of varieties of snowdrop? The most widespread are the small snowdrop and the large-flowered snowdrop. Growing snowflakes in a flower pot at home does not take much effort. But it is good to know that blazing rays of the sun are not good for the snowdrops. In contrast, low temperatures ensure beautiful flowers for several weeks. During the flowering period and shortly afterwards, you should provide the snowdrops with liquid fertilizer.

The snowdrops exude tenderness and elegance

spring flowers in the pot Galanthus snowdrop


The daffodils feel best in a bright and not too warm place. You need to water them regularly. After buying them, they should be transplanted into a larger pot so that they thrive better. Colored in yellow, white and apricot, they are wonderful decorative elements in the room.

Narcissus is immediately associated with spring

spring flowers in pot Narcissus white flowers


The tulips are very popular spring flowers. With tulips you can enjoy a huge variety of colors, heights and shapes. The different varieties also have different flowering times. So you can enjoy these little eye-catchers all spring long.

Tulips are a stylish spring decoration

spring flowers in a pot bring a spring mood home


The large filigree inflorescences of the hyacinths last a long time and thus spice up the ambience in the long term. Its intense scent is one of many favorite aromas. Put it in a light place that is not too warm. The soil must always be moist during the flowering period. However, waterlogging should be avoided. So you could mix the earth with sand.

The hyacinths are characteristic of spring

spring flowers in the pot care tips hyacinths


It’s a kind of daisy. The flowers of the cultivated form of the daisy and the wild species differ according to their color. Check the soil with a finger test every 2 to 3 days – it must not dry out! If pale colors appear on the leaves and flowers, apply liquid fertilizer to the Bellis every two weeks.

Bellis are still called thousand beautiful

Caring for spring flowers in the bellis pot properly


The primroses are classic spring flowers. They come in numerous color nuances and set wonderful accents in scene. White, yellow, pink, red, purple or blue … You experience a colorful splendor that inspires and fascinates.

Spring flowers in pots are great eye-catchers in the living room. These can also be designed in wonderful arrangements so that they attract more attention. In this way you can design an original spring pot where tulips, daffodils and crocuses appear in several layers. Surrounded by moss, the early bloomers look just great.

Take good care of the spring flowers in the pot so that they show their most beautiful side!

Grow violets in a pot of spring flowers

spring flowers in a pot hyacinth lilac freshly scented

spring flowers in a pot primroses colorful and atmospheric

spring flowers in the pot purple flowers fresh room decoration

spring flowers in the pansy pot maintain fresh home decoration

spring flowers in a pot of orange tulips

Take care of spring flowers in pansies properly and enjoy them for a long time

spring flowers in a pot violets lilac beautiful herald of spring

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