Stair carpets and mats are the anti-slip solution for you!

Entrance or internal stairs: Many of us need them to get into the house, on upper or lower floors. However, steps made of any material in wet, ice or snow will quickly become slippery and can be quite dangerous if you are not careful. Hundreds of Germans are injured annually in their own home because of slippery surfaces. Surely you do not want to be one of the unlucky ones. The best way to prevent such accidents is to attach non-slip stair carpets and mats.

Not only will you and your family members walk safely up and down the stairs, you will also be offered a nice opportunity to personalize your home with even more color and pattern. Here you can scroll through some nice and practical ideas and make the right choice for yourself. Here we have divided our list into two categories: mats and carpets for inside and outside.

The clawed paws of our pets find a good hold on stair carpets

Stair carpet with dog

A look through the entrance of this beautiful apartment

colorful carpet for interior stairs

Stair carpets and mats for interior

At home lurks similar dangers as on the porch steps. Children are always in a hurry to explore the vast new world and can easily stumble over their own legs even without any obstacles. Getting out of the bathroom with wet slippers and feet and stepping on slippery stairs is also a risk. Even older or short-legged pets may lose their grip because their paws are not suitable for smooth surfaces.

Fortunately, manufacturers are thinking of these dangers and offering stylish and durable options in the marketplace that will give you a safer kick in any situation. Whether fully upholstered, Persian carpet or small mats made of natural or artificial materials, something suitable for every taste can be found.

Warm and non-slip stairs allow the baby to crawl quietly

baby stairs carpet

Optical illusion – fish are swimming in the staircase

Stair carpet fish

While flowers cover the steps and corridor here

flowers carpet

A stair carpet in retro style, but fits well with the color of the tiles in the hallway

ancient stair carpet

Imitation of deer coat is thematically used at Christmas time

Christmas carpet stairs deer

This is also available in dark blue

carpeting points

Braided carpet in clay with the remaining decoration and furniture

Stair carpet for indoor

Even the dog seems to be in the same tone with the colors of this house

padded stairs dog

Also mats can be effectively applied by simply sticking

Non-slip mats for indoor use

Plastic mats for stairs indoor

Smaller colorful step mats bring a lot of color into the eye

colorful step mats for inside

blue step mats simple

Outdoor mats for your entrance and porch stairs

Homeowners who have a porch or a raised entrance also need to remember that their outdoor stairs can quickly become slippery due to weather conditions. Scattering de-icing salt with snow and ice is just a tedious, short-term and unfortunately very muddy solution.

Then only a canopy helps against rain, but you can not completely rely on that. At night, Morning Dew builds not only on the plants, but also on your outside stairs. The result is a slippery film on the outdoor stairs and, in very cold weather, ice may form as well.

By contrast, non-slip plastic mats, which are available in many variations just like carpets, help. You can decorate your stairs in warm months.

Outdoor mats may also be more colorful. These are similar to a mosaic

colorful non-slip mats outdoor

colorful mats for outdoors

And these look more like gray stone tiles

Step mats stones outside

For the harsh winter, these heating mats are really great. They melt ice and snow in just a few minutes

Heating mats winter stairs

Outdoor stair mat

stair mats snow non-slip

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