Sustainable & beautiful DIY Advent wreath from balls

Do you look forward so much to the lighting of the first Advent candle every year? For me it's always a particularly atmospheric moment! Because then wonderful childhood memories are awakened in me! And now it will be that time again in a few weeks! The first Advent is just around the corner. It's high time we took care of this year's DIY Advent wreath! I've already got the materials for the wreath. Because it should be a very special wreath. A DIY Advent wreath that doesn't needles, but shimmers in the most beautiful colors! In addition, it lasts forever and remains permanently beautiful. In this sense, a sustainable Advent wreath that can be reused year after year.

DIY Advent wreath made from Christmas balls

Advent wreath made of Christmas balls - DIY instructions

You have probably already guessed what this year's Advent wreath is made of! ­čśë Exactly – made of shimmering Christmas balls! I already had one a few years ago similar wreath manufactured. This one is a bit smaller. The colors have also changed a bit. Instead of pink and white balls, Christmas tree balls in gold, berries, old pink and terra now decorate the wreath. A wonderful color combination, I think. If you like, you can of course use other colors. Tip: The whole thing looks particularly beautiful and harmonious if you use the same colors for the Advent wreath as for the Christmas tree.

Advent wreath made from Christmas balls materials

What you need for this DIY Advent wreath:

  • Styrofoam wreath (30 cm diameter)
  • four stick candles
  • Candle nozzle (4 pieces)
  • the following Christmas balls: 42 pcs. Old pink mini, 24 pcs. Terra mini, 15 pcs. Gold mini, 15 pcs. Mini champagne, 12 pcs. Berry dark, 9 pcs. Mini Christmas bauble stripe
  • Spray paint or decorative tape
  • Hot glue gun
  • Decorative tray
  • Giveaway mini berry
  • Flower pick berry
  • Natural materials: small cones, Acorns

And this is how the DIY Advent wreath is made:

Paint the styrofoam wreath

Paint the styrofoam wreath

The basis of our Advent wreath is a ring made of Styrofoam with a diameter of 30 centimeters. Depending on the colors of your balls, you paint the styrofoam ring in the appropriate color beforehand. I used golden acrylic varnish for this. Alternatively, you can simply wrap the ring with a matching colored ribbon.

Remove the cap and spring clip

Before we start gluing the Christmas tree balls on, the cones and spring clips are removed from the balls.

Fasten the candle socket

Fasten the candle socket

Now you attach four candle holders to the wreath. Whether for pillar or rod candles – at DEPOT you will find the right candle holder. Since the ball ring is not too big, I opted for taper candles. Four golden candle nozzles adorn the wreath to match the color of the balls. Due to their narrow and tall shape, they look very classy and elegant. You can shorten the metal pins of the candle socket with pliers or an angle grinder.

Glue on the golden berry branches

Glue on the berries (flower pick, mini berry)

These golden berry branches and various natural materials that you glue to the top of the styrofoam wreath provide a little structure.

Glue on Christmas balls

Glue on Christmas balls

Now we can start gluing the Christmas balls! Since this DIY Advent wreath is not too big, I used a lot of small balls with a diameter of three centimeters. We start by gluing the balls to the outer and inner underside of the wreath. From here you work your way up. Wet the front and sides of the Christmas balls with hot glue. Then you glue the ball to the wreath with the opening pointing inwards. Press the ball firmly on until the glue has set. In this way you glue all other Christmas balls to the styrofoam wreath.

Advent wreath made of Christmas balls - decoration idea

Decorate the advent wreath

Finally, we decorate the wreath with other natural materials so that no more gaps can be seen. You can use small cones, moss, lichens and beechnuts for this. Existing adhesive threads can be removed after the adhesive has dried well. Now the four candles are still missing and then our DIY Advent wreath made of Christmas balls is already ready! Tip: To protect the fragile glass balls, it is best to place the wreath on a decorative tray. So you can easily put it aside without breaking a ball.

Advent wreath made of Christmas balls - in the colors terra, old rose, gold

DIY advent wreath

It has turned out beautiful – our Christmas ball advent wreath! And the great thing: this wreath does not need any needles and remains almost forever!

Now I wish you a lot of fun doing handicrafts and a wonderful Advent season!

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