Sustainable designer furniture – this is how healthy living works with style and a clear conscience!

Sustainable designer furniture – this is how healthy living works with style and a clear conscience!

Sustainability is not just a modern term. It is much more about an all-encompassing concept that has ecological, economic, health and social aspects. For example, living sustainably also means consuming sustainably. Food and clothing are by no means all done. Sustainable consumption must not stop at our doors, but should also affect our furnishings and lifestyle in general. In this regard, sustainable designer furniture and home accessories are the perfect solution for everyone who wants to live healthy, environmentally conscious and stylish and modern at the same time. In the following lines, we will tell you what exactly is important about sustainable furniture and how to recognize it.

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Why is sustainable designer furniture worthwhile?

If you choose sustainability, you also say goodbye to the destructive throwaway mentality. Sustainable designer furniture goes one better and is characterized by the following features:

Optimal durability

When it comes to furnishing, this means first and foremost: durability. The more hard-wearing and durable pieces of furniture, textiles and accessories, the less likely it is that you will have to dispose of them. Cheap shelves, beds, tables and chests of drawers may only save you a bit of your budget in the short term. On the other hand, these will certainly be thrown away the next time you move or simply in a few years. The result – spend more and make a negative contribution to the already innumerable mountains of rubbish of inferior furniture.

Renewable materials

Sustainable furniture is therefore above all long-lasting. They are also made from natural materials that are renewable such as wood, bamboo, hemp or cotton, for example. The origin of the wood types as well as the other raw materials is of fundamental importance. Below you can read exactly what you should pay attention to.

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Energy efficiency and local manufacturing

An efficient production method and short transport routes along the entire value chain are also at the top of the list for sustainable products. Of course, this also applies to sustainable designer furniture. These should therefore be produced locally as possible and with minimal electricity and water consumption. This saves CO2 emissions, which benefits the fight against climate change.

The health is the most important thing

The health aspect for us consumers is no less important. Sustainable furniture should always be completely free of harmful substances. Cheap furniture of suspicious origin, on the other hand, in most cases poses a major health risk. These often consist of plywood and veneered wood chipboards, which are processed with glue, glue, solvents and various plastics. So the smell of “new furniture” known to all of us is nothing more than a pollutant cocktail in the room. This consists of the so-called VOCs – volatile organic compounds such as formaldehyde, which can be responsible for allergies, asthma and even cancer.

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Sustainable also means fair!

Fair working conditions and adequate income are also clearly part of the sustainability concept. Sustainable furniture should therefore be completely free from social exploitation. Furniture manufacturers or suppliers should always be able to ensure and inform the consumer how and where the products are made.

Timeless, modern furniture design – Made in Germany

In most areas, ecological and sustainable no longer means compromising on aesthetics and the latest trends. But on the contrary. When it comes to sustainable designer furniture, innovative, refined and, above all, timeless design is at the forefront. High-quality, well-established furniture manufacturers, such as those from the hülsta furniture brand, have been offering a large variety of furniture for a long time, which is characterized by first-class craftsmanship. Sustainable quality – Made in Germany – can be seen and recognized immediately.

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The most important seals of approval for sustainable designer furniture

If you decide on pieces of furniture that were manufactured in Germany, Austria or Switzerland, you are in most cases on the safe side. Short transport routes, local production, high-quality, sustainable materials and high social standards are optimally guaranteed. The following seals of approval and certifications will help you to make further decisions when purchasing your designer furniture:

  • The blue Angel
  • FSC label
  • PEFC seal
  • DGM climate label
  • RAL quality mark (called the Golden M)
  • Eco control
  • Fair Trade Cotton Certificate
  • Eco-institute label

Be sure to keep an eye out for it, ask the furniture supplier or manufacturer about the production and origin of the products and do further research if necessary. Pay attention to uncompromising, sustainable quality and at the same time protect the environment. Make sure you have a pleasant, pollutant-free indoor climate at home and live healthy!

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