Table decoration with table frame – the new decoration all-rounder

Table frames or table clamps are one of the trend decoration items this year. No wonder, because the decorative all-rounder gives every table decoration the finishing touch. But it is also a real eye-catcher and can be individually designed and decorated depending on the season and the occasion. If a beautiful table decoration otherwise only takes place on the table itself, the area above the table can now also be used with the help of the table clamp. So every table decoration gets more height and volume and looks simply beautiful all around for the viewer.

Table frame decorated for winter

Natural materials are simply part of a beautiful and authentic winter decoration. But instead of just draping them on the table, you can let them float above the table thanks to the table frame. This creates beautiful decorative pendants, leaves and some green, such as B. Fern strung on the pole. Incidentally, this works best with a sturdy thread. If you prefer that the decorative parts are invisibly attached to the pole, you can use a transparent decorative cord.

On the table, the autumn-winter decoration presents itself from the natural side with white decorative mushrooms, earthenware crockery and baskets filled with moss. Fern and grass can be arranged on the plate with the napkin. In this way, the natural materials of the table frame decoration are picked up again on the table and thus ensure a harmonious overall picture.

natural autumn table decoration



autumn table decoration

Table frame decorated for Christmas

Especially for the Christmas table decoration, it is advisable to decorate the table frame with fairy lights and tree decorations. To do this, simply attach many different balls in different lengths to the rod with decorative tape. tip: it is best to wrap the light chain around the pole beforehand so that the decoration does not become a huge knot. As a highlight, please attach a few larch branches to the pole with some wire at the end. On the table, additional balls and larch branches in combination with dark dishes as well as glasses and carafes ensure a festive look.



christmas table decorations

Trend decoration with dried flowers

Dried flowers are also one of the big trends this year. But instead of just arranging the dried flowers nicely in a vase, in combination with the table frame they become a real work of art. Simply attach dried flowers of various lengths to form a kind of “cloud” around the pole with binding wire. It is best to work your way from left and right to the middle. Carefully close the open gaps with individual dried flowers by carefully pushing them under the binding wire or in the spaces between the other dried flower stalks. This creates a table decoration with a WOW effect that lasts for a long time and is therefore beautifully sustainable.

Feel free to drape the remaining dried flowers in vases (or arrange them nicely in a DIY dried flower stand). Stick a few individual dried flowers to the napkin and place them on the plate. Finished. Incidentally, the dried flower decorations are suitable for many occasions such as spring, birthday, girls’ brunch, bachelorette party and much more.

Have fun redecorating.

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