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Take place! All-rounder in action: a stool, many possibilities

stool – an underestimated piece of furniture. But this autumn / winter one of the trend pieces. Whether made of velvet, fine linen or fine fabric – the all-rounders are an indispensable part of home life at the moment.

This is mainly due to their diversity. A stool, depending on its size, is not just used to lift your feet up comfortably. There are a lot of uses, which also look very good. I show you some ideas in this post.

A stool in the living room as additional storage space

Somehow you can not have enough shelf space in the living room. You thought so far, that would only be in the kitchen? No! Because even in the living room there are more and more things that like to be parked or stored. Countless coffee table books, magazines, vases, flowers, candles, drinks, etc. Also, the living room is now the new home office, so you also need a storage space for his laptop.

All this takes its place, for which the living room table is often too small. So you can summarily use a stool as a side table. Thanks to trays, currently in vogue marble, the candles and coffee cups also have a stable surface.

The practical thing about a stool is that it provides an extra seat in case friends or family come by in surprise. For children, it is especially tempting when you conjure a cuddly place by putting a coat over it.

Possible uses for a stool in the nursery

Even in the nursery can be found for a stool great uses. As an additional cuddle zone in the reading area. With a few pillows and cuddly toys, it gets cozy quickly.

The stool can also be easily moved to build caves or use it as a stage for demonstrations. So in the nursery a real all-rounder.

What else do you have for use ideas for a stool? Write me in the comments.

I wish you a lot of fun in decorating. Your Mona

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Allrounder in action: a stool, many options first appeared on Nice by you by DEPOT.


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