Terrace roofing – free-standing or extension?

Terrace roofing – free-standing or extension?

The interest in a patio cover raises a number of questions. In addition to decisions about the material, design and color, questions about the statics and the location have to be clarified.

The first thing to do is to inspect the place where the patio cover is to be installed. Probably the most common variant is the attachment of a roof to the house wall of the property belonging to the terrace. However, if the terrace is located some distance from the house, only a free-standing patio cover is recommended.

The patio cover provides additional comfort

Terrace roofing – free-standing or extension?

These two possibilities serve different purposes. The roofing as a relocation of the house serves to shade the terrace directly at the house. This means that it can be used well even in bad weather. Furniture and other utensils such as a grill or the like can also be stored there all year round. These objects can easily be used even in bad weather, as the direct extension to the house means that you can step onto the terrace directly from the living area.

A free-standing terrace is also protected from rain by a terrace roof, but not as immune to the effects of the weather as adding a terrace to the house. As a rule, a covered terrace extension is protected from at least one side by the house wall. This advantage does not apply to a free-standing terrace. The free-standing terrace can serve as an oasis of calm. The privacy is more preserved here, since the resting place is a little further away from the “place of the action”.

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An idea for free-standing roofing

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The roofing in relation to the free-standing terrace differs only in one point from the cultivation of a roofing. An attached terrace roof is firmly anchored in the house wall. For this very reason, however, the foundation of a free-standing patio cover must be robust and precisely made. Depending on the material, the exact specifications for the foundation should be adhered to.

So if you decide on a patio roof, you should pay attention to these points and get detailed information about the material, type and construction.

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