The accent wall brings a good dose of liveliness to the interior design

The accent wall brings a good dose of liveliness to the interior design

A successful wall design can turn the interior design upside down. A lot can be achieved through the wall design that is otherwise difficult to achieve with other interior elements. The accent walls have a special value in modern interior design. That inspired us to put this at the center of our post today. An accent wall in the interior undoubtedly makes for a great highlight. But not only. You can find out what design options an accent wall offers in the following lines.

An accent wall is often that certain something in the modern sleeping area

accent wall dark wall color bedroom furnishing ideas

Unusual wall design drives boredom out of the room

The point of a display wall is that it does not mean a complete facility with the corresponding motif or material, but only the design of a wall. In this way you can achieve different effects. Either you structure the room or you give it a certain feeling. This happens without having to significantly change the theme or color scheme of the interior. In most cases, at least one other interior element should correspond with the accent wall. This ensures a uniform overall picture. So choose an accessory or a lamp that highlights the file wall.

A modern interior design must by no means appear monotonous. Making a room cozy so that it also appears dynamic is therefore not an easy task. To do this, you use some visual tricks, such as the accent walls themselves. 3D wooden panels and photo wallpapers are beautiful examples of how to give a living room or bedroom more depth.

A single wall can create wonderful accents in the room. The main function of the accent walls is to get the focus on yourself. The easiest way to design an accent wall is with paint and wallpaper. In this case, you usually choose strong colors and striking motifs. But there are numerous other options for an accent wall. These include tiles and bricks, blackboard paint and wood. Art objects and mirrors also give a lot of space for creating a wonderful decorative wall. It is particularly worthwhile to design a mirrored wall in small rooms. This visually expands the room.

Accent walls give rooms an exciting look

accent wall floral wallpaper living room ideas fresh furnishing

Bring the brick wall to the foreground with plants

Akzentwand cool accents set the modern bedroom

Use the accent wall correctly in the interior design

Accent walls are a good choice if rooms need a breath of fresh air. These bring out the furniture as well as the color scheme. You can easily create a contrast with accent walls. But it is important that furnishings and wall design complement each other at the same time. Otherwise, an effective wall design could also harmonize well with the entire room concept. A delicate monochrome pattern, for example, turns the bedroom into an oasis of well-being. The role accent walls play depends on how large the room is, which colors are present and what kind of atmosphere prevails there.

A big advantage of the accent walls is that they give the interior personality. Usually you combine the accent wall with neutral colors. So this is highlighted wonderfully. But if you want to balance the color balance in the interior, you could add individual elements that combine well with the wall.

Dark accent wall brings a dose of drama into the interior

accent wall dining room furnishing ideas

Of course, the style of living in which the room is furnished is the key factor when it comes to choosing the right accent wall.

A lot of cosiness is always the order of the day in the living room, which should also be taken into account when choosing the accent walls. Wood and natural stone walls are popular options here. However, in the event that you want to bring some dynamism to the interior design, a lively photo wallpaper proves to be more suitable. Striking colors and large pattern elements refresh the room. Actually, the living area often represents a peculiar stage for your own preferences and artistic design options. In the modern dining room you often experiment with intense colors and striking patterns and motifs. The dining room is considered a fresh living space, where you don’t just eat food, but spend time with your favorite people. In the bedroom, on the other hand, you usually choose colors and motifs for the accent walls, which calm, relax and inspire.

But it often happens that the decorative wall simply goes beyond the furnishing concept. In a minimalist interior, for example, there is a tendency for a single wall to be suitable for attracting all the blocks.

In those cases when you want to convey your own character to a neutral interior design, an accent wall in a popular furnishing style is an excellent option for this purpose. A brick wall brings an industrial flair to the living room and a floral wallpaper a shabby chic feeling. Soft floral patterns and natural motifs, on the other hand, spice up a Scandinavian interior.

A monotonous interior is to be avoided in every way

Akzentwand red wall color fresh interior decoration home office

The brick wall gives the living room more character

accent wall brick wall living room create a fresh interior

Also take a look at the interiors, which we have collected in an exciting picture gallery. These represent numerous ideas for an accent wall. You will surely draw inspiration for your own four walls!

There is also a place for an accent wall in the modern bathroom

accent wall tiles white metro tiles modern bathroom

Be careful which color you put the accent on!

Akzentwand create a fresh living room with shades of green

Calm and at the same time refreshing colors come into their own in the sleeping area

accent wall green accent wall comfort and freshness

The bathroom gets a rustic flair

Akzentwand natural stone bathroom furnishing ideas

Bright colors and patterns make the bedroom really cozy

accent wall bedroom brick wall neutral colors

accent wall bedroom blue wall bedroom wall

accent wall blue accent wall modern dining area

accent wall bedroom light carpet light bedding

accent wall bedroom ideas to set up small bedrooms

accent wall rebated technology cozy bedroom

accent wall mural wallpaper floral pattern spice up the dining area

Akzentwand mural wallpaper home office design

accent wall living room brick wall industrial touch

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