The best design ideas for hexagon tiles

The best design ideas for hexagon tiles

Which tiles do you like best? The answer to this question comes from a wide range of fads that create new and stylish design languages. This article is about a new and creative tile shape in hexagonal format. The so-called hexagonal tiles are generating great interest at the last design fairs and are enjoying growing popularity. The hexagonal shape gives any room a stylish look and is determined to be a timeless trend. The fact is that the hexagon tiles can be combined with many other types of tiles and ensure versatility. Find out the most important details about the hexagon tiles in the following paragraphs!

This elegant combination with a fancy transition looks perfect

great hexagon tiles lay the floor

Areas of application of the hexagon tiles

A great advantage of the hexagon tiles is their great versatility. The areas of application of the corner tiles are numerous and ensure a stylish appearance. The tiles are suitable for floor coverings and wall designs in hallways, kitchens, bathrooms and living rooms. This stylish geometric shape can often be seen in art because the shape of the polygon is considered vintage.

The white color is definitely one of the best design ideas

white hexagon tiles laying ideas tips

How expensive are the hexagon tiles?

Since the selection of hexagon tiles is very large, there is a large price difference between all products. The large price range is surprising for many people, because many hexagon tiles are offered at fair prices. There are of course important points to consider before ordering, first of all the size of the tiles.

The prices start from 2 € for square meters for the neutral colors. Of course, many factors play a decisive role in the final price. The surface of the hexagon tiles, the size and the color of the joints are the main features. The size of the elegant tiles is very different, because this type of tile is also offered in mosaic size. If you prefer the smaller mosaic tiles, then you have the chance to create this look. It is important that you count on a higher price for square meters, because the luxurious hexagonal tiles are not determined to be inexpensive.

The hexagonal tiles are perfect for every bathroom and create a stylish appearance


Hexagon tiles neutral color


That is why the hexagon tiles are among the best design ideas

No other type of tile can be combined so elegantly and beautifully with other floor and wall designs. The hexagonal tiles are repeatedly combined with different floor coverings and the result is a cool end result. Parquet floorboards are perfect for a nice mix that creates an attractive appearance in the living room. In the bathroom, these tiles are combined with normal rectangular ones.


Nowadays there are ready-made variants for hexagon tiles that can be laid more easily and quickly

white hexagon tile ideas



Still haven’t decided on a particular type of hexagon tile? Then you can get to know our picture gallery better and admire different design options. Choose a great design that can give your space a stylish look!

Black hexagonal tiles with white grout give every bathroom a unique look


bathroom ideas hexagon tiles


The small mosaic tiles create an inviting look from afar!

Design the dusce with hexagon tiles

The hexagon tiles have also become very popular on Instagram!

Hexagon tiles in white

You will always see great combinations of hexagonal tiles that arouse interest from afar!

Hexagon tiles design toilet bathroom

Give your bathroom a unique look

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