The best parasols with UV protection – what is important?

The best parasols with UV protection – what is important?

Nowadays, umbrellas are used for different purposes most of the year. These functional inventions have protected us from sun, rain, snow and wind since the time of the ancient Egyptians. In Germany alone, over 25 million umbrellas are sold every year. There are two main types of umbrellas, depending on whether they protect us from unpleasant surprises on a rainy day or provide us with good shade while we enjoy our morning coffee on the balcony or terrace. Namely umbrellas and parasols with UV protection. In today's article, we'll take a closer look at the second type.

The best sunshades with UV protection, sunny yellow and protective and healthy

Sunshades with UV protection are usually stationary, are attached to a stand and offer effective protection against the strong solar radiation during the summer. They are a valuable accessory for the garden, balcony, backyard or even the beach or pool. They are made from different materials. At the same time, sunshades with UV protection are available in all possible shapes, colors and sizes, so you can easily adapt them to any exterior design and need. However, it is precisely this variety of umbrellas available on the market that can quickly overwhelm you. Accordingly, choosing the perfect parasol can be a really difficult decision. For this reason, in the next few lines we have prepared some basic tips for choosing the best parasol for you. You should look up further expert advice and comparison tests at

The best parasols with UV protection for a fun, stylish garden red

Basic criteria that all sunshades with UV protection must meet

size: Sunshades with UV protection are available in many different sizes. Of course, the larger the outside area you want to shade, the larger the screen you need. However, be careful when choosing if you have limited space. In this case, bigger is not better. Before shopping, take the required measurements on site.

The best sunshades with UV protection in classic neutral colors, taupe cream

Durable materials: Each of us has seen parasols roll around and fly on the beach. At first glance it looks funny, but it can actually quickly become dangerous. To avoid the same thing happening to you, you should therefore rely on high-quality materials that can withstand all weather and climatic extremes, including heat, cold, wind, hail, rain and snow. Always rely on models with metal bases and possibly with a possible floor anchor. This is how you can prevent strong winds from tipping your umbrella.

The best parasols with UV protection for the pool area square

Why is UV protection so important?

UV protection: All parasols have one thing in common – they have to provide shade. However, shade alone is usually not enough and this is especially true in the summer months, when the radiation is strongest and most harmful. Sunshades with UV protection not only provide excellent shade, but also ward off dangerous radiation. In this way they protect your skin from burns and the associated skin cancer. In spite of everything, you should not rely on your umbrella alone. Use good sunscreen and don't stand in the blazing sun for too long.

The best sun umbrellas with UV protection in an Asian style

design: It is important to choose a parasol that not only pleases you and fulfills its purpose, but also fits the design of your outdoor area. The perfect umbrella should fit seamlessly into the outside space without attracting too much attention. Basically, we recommend you to choose neutral, earthy colors or pastel tones. The most popular colors at the moment are undoubtedly white, cream and sky blue. When it comes to patterns, French style polka dots and stripes undoubtedly take the lead.

The best sun umbrellas with UV protection in a maritime style summer style

So we have hopefully made it easier to choose the perfect sunshades with UV protection for your own outdoor area. Greet the summer with a smile and enjoy your time outdoors!

The best sunshades with UV protection for the patio balcony terrace

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