The burl wood table – the exotic miracle in your own home decor 2020

The burl wood table – the exotic miracle in your own home decor

Have you ever wondered what happens to the root system of a tree when it is felled? The answer: Mostly only the part of the trunk that sticks out above the earth is used. The roots remain and rot with time. Not so with the teak tree. When this exotic tree is felled, the roots are also dug up, making room for the next tree. After a certain amount of processing, beautiful furniture is created. The burlwood table is suitable for both the living room, as well as for the porch.

Abstract, modern and stylish

Burlwood table abstract modern and stylish

Real sculptures created by nature

Burlwood table coffee table and wall decorations

This is how the geometrically and stylishly furnished living room looks like

Burlwood table modern style with cactuses and geometric shapes

What exactly is so special about a burl wood table?

Every burl wood table on the market was once a proud teak tree. This tree species grows in the tropical rainforests of South America, Asia and Africa and has been bred in plantations for many decades. Teak trees grow very fast and are harvested after about 15 to 30 years. By then they have already reached a height of 25 or 35 meters. For comparison, the Nordmann fir, the most popular Christmas tree species, reaches a size of about 2 meters in 10 years. When buying furniture made of this exotic wood, however, you must always pay attention to the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) seal of quality. This means that the tree was really cultivated in plantations and does not come from illegal tropical timber harvesting.

The burl wood table can survive any weather outside

Burlwood table outdoors with glass

It will certainly be longer under the roof

Burlwood table for the porch with glass

Teak is one of the most valuable woods in the world, and with good reason. The wood has a very high rubber and Tectolgehalt and is therefore very resistant and robust. Rain, snow and ice do not bother him, as do pests and fungi. Cracks only get it at very low humidity and requires no special care. This makes the teakwood burl table the perfect garden table. Over time, the wood loses its golden brown color and becomes silver gray. You can prevent this by painting your burl wood table with teak oil every year and covering it in bad weather.

Over time, the wood becomes paler, which is even desirable in the Mediterranean style of living

Burl wood table Mediterranean style in blue

Does not this decor remind you of a clockwork by the sea?

Burlwood table silvery white old wood in mediterranean style

Burlwood table Mediterranean style blue sea paintings

Burlwood table bleached table for outdoors

In the living room, your majestic burl wood table blurs even slower as it does not have to survive any temperature changes. It should be noted, however, not to place the table directly on a carpet, as it leaves oily stains. If possible, we therefore recommend that you equip the table with sturdy metal legs.

These metal legs protect your carpet from stains from the table

Burl wood table cuts on legs coffee tables vertical garden

Each root tree table is a work of art carved by nature

Every teak tree makes its roots different. The root tree table becomes a unique work of art and does not resemble any other. Craftsmen clean and give the root the necessary stability, the rest carves the nature.

The elegant table is a real eye-catcher and is best located in the center of the living room. Due to its low height, the burlwood table is more suitable as a coffee table and is the perfect complement to the sofa. But if the roots have grown nicely deep or are stacked on top of each other, they naturally grow in height and can then also serve as kitchen tables or meeting tables.

Colonial style is becoming an increasingly popular design

Burlwood table modern colonial style large painting

Wooden furniture, elephants, tropical indoor plants and pastel colors are typical of this style

Burlwood table colonial modern decor with wooden furniture

Burlwood table side table in hallway with vase and abstract paintings

Often the furniture is equipped with a large round glass plate, which gives you an additional view of the extraordinary detailed root system. So you do not have to worry about leaving unsightly coffee stains on the wood.

The burl wood table also fits very well with the African style of furnishing

Burlwood table in modern home and zebra carpet

Decorative objects here are natural fabrics, such as unprocessed wood, exotic fur and plants

Burl wood table in living room with glass next to couch

Stylish designer apartment of an artist

Root wood table giant trunk wall sculpture designer flat

Conclusion: Pretty, natural and durable – the Wurzelholz table is one of the most luxurious and expensive pieces of furniture in the world. Bring a piece of nature to your home and express your love of naturalness.

Also suitable as a side table

Burlwood table side table with fruit basket and flower paintings

Small coffee tables come from younger trees and take up less space

Burlwood table small coffee tables with glass and sofa

This huge root system could also come from a 100-year-old teak tree

Burlwood table bright and big in the modern house

Complete dining table set with teak chairs

Burlwood table, kitchen table and teak chairs

Burl wood table cut on legs without glass

Burlwood table oriental style side table bedroom

Burlwood table garden table with glass for the porch

Burl wood table cut on legs with glass for exterior spaces

View into the hollow root system

Burlwood table kitchen table made of hollow roots

Burlwood table modern interior with geometric shapes

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