The flamingo flower seen up close – important care tips

The flamingo flower seen up close – important care tips

The flamingo flower or anthuria called attracts all eyes by their fire-red leaves. The majority of people are mistaken in thinking that these are the flowers of the plant. But the real flower is the yellowish flower bulb that grows on the red heart leaf. The tropical plant, coming from the rainforest of Central and South America, adorns our windowsills all year round. Today we describe more about the fabulous flamingo flower and give some tips for the care.

Bright anthuriums

anthurium breed flamingo flower as a houseplant

A red bract, no flower!

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The anthurium as a houseplant

The tropical beauty belongs to the family of the arum family. This includes about 600 to 1000 different species. Of these varieties, only two species are suitable as houseplants: Anthurium scherzerianum and Anthurium andreanum. The plants offered in the flower trade are hybrids derived from the two species mentioned above.

The hybrids of the large flamingo flower (Anthurium andreanum) form particularly large inflorescences. As a potted plant it needs a lot of space and can reach a stature height of up to 1 meter. In contrast, small flamingo flowers (Anthurium scherzerianum) are only about 30 centimeters high, the flowers are much smaller and the bract is less shiny. The flask is often colored orange-red and turned spirally.

Ensure good growth conditions

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The correct growth conditions for the flamingo flower are as follows:

The perfect location for the Anturias is a bright place, but without direct sun. They are pronounced shade plants. The optimum temperature is between 18 and 20 degrees. Protect the plant from drafts and ensure high humidity.

The irrigation should be with lukewarm or stale water, once or twice a week. Although the plant is moisturizing, one should not over-pour, because it could come to root rot. In winter you should reduce the watering. Calcified water can not tolerate the anthurium, but it is very sensitive. The earth should be very permeable to water and air. Fertilizing can be done once a week in summer and once a month in winter.

The repotting The young plants should be made every spring. The upper layer of the older Anthurium can only be replaced with new one every year. When repotting, you can also do the same increase. This is done by splitting the root ball and the pieces should have at least one leaf.

You should know: Keep the flamingo flower away from children and pets, because the consumption of green leaves is poisonous.

For the plant to flower rich, lower the temperature to 16 degrees for about 6 weeks. Minimize irrigation during this time. In this way, the bud formation is stimulated and provided for rich flowering.

Do a good flamingo flower care and look forward to magnificent flowers!

Maintaining flamingo flowers through hypotension

flamingo flower arthurium care indoor plants ideas

Different colors and hybrid types

flamingo flower care indoor plants ideas

The young plants should be transplanted every year

repotting young flamingo flower house plants

The bulb flower is different in size depending on the species

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Flamingo flower leaves as cut flowers

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Divide the root ball to multiply the plant

cultivating flamingo flower repotting flower plants

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A beautiful and rare hybrid plant

rare flamingo anthurium species

A dramatic leaf color

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houseplant ideas to cultivate flamingo flower

cultivating indoor plants cultivating flamingo flower

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