The Fleckerl carpet remains an undisputed classic in modern interior design

The Fleckerl carpet remains an undisputed classic in modern interior design

If you are looking for the perfect rug for your home, then the Fleckerl rug is just the thing for you. Seductive patterns and nuances, long durability and versatile use make this classic rug. Small imperfections through the use of natural raw materials and the tangible handwork give each piece a personal touch and express your love for naturalness in interior design. A fleckerl carpet contributes a lot to the overall appearance of every room and ensures a noticeably pleasant atmosphere and cosiness.

Fleckerl carpets can adapt exactly to your interior design style

Fleckerl carpet remains an undisputed classic in modern design

The fleckerl carpet as a symbol of status and the continuation of a centuries-old tradition

The Fleckerl carpet has been made from scraps of fabric or old clothes for centuries. Due to the high prices of fabrics, it was initially only found in mansions and other prestigious country estates. This symbol of status and wealth then slowly made its way to wealthy citizens. They already had large rooms that were only used for socializing and were beautifully decorated for celebrations to receive guests there. The speckled carpet was a popular decoration that would light up the most beautiful room in the family.

In the past, scraps of fabric and old clothes were mainly used to make carpets

Rolls of fabric for the Fleckerl carpet

Today, flecked carpets made from old clothes could serve as a nice souvenir

Fleckerl rug made from scraps of fabric and cotton

Today, unworn, new fabrics and raw materials such as cotton and virgin sheep’s wool are used more frequently. But whether you ultimately decide on new fabrics, a carpet made from your own clothing as a souvenir or a mixture of both, it is precisely these extraordinary raw materials that ensure that every fleckerl carpet is truly unique through careful hand-weaving. After all, hand-weaving is one of the oldest handicrafts of mankind and is still very much valued despite the danger posed by mass industry. In contrast to machine production, which produces thousands of identical products every day, hand-woven Fleckerl rugs have a unique character that masters leave behind in each piece, as well as a significantly longer durability.

These machines are over 100 years old, but they always run like clockwork

Manufacture fleckerl carpets with a 100 year old machine

This is how traditional goods should be made, not automated machines

Hand-woven fleckerl carpet

Reveal your penchant for creativity with a stained carpet

Another advantage of hand weaving is that you can determine the pattern and material, the colors, size and shape all by yourself, so that your Fleckerl carpet becomes your own personal work of art and can be adapted to your preferences for furnishing style. Subtle colors and geometric shapes e.g. B. give additional texture to the country house style, boho chic, retro or Scandinavian style. Rich floral motifs, pastel and earth colors, on the other hand, tend to complement the Mediterranean and tropical style or shabby chic. In a narrow kitchen or hallway, multi-colored stripes, which are typical for Fleckerl carpets, create the illusion of a larger room.

In such a cozy home everyone would feel very comfortable

Fleckerlteppich in the modern living room

Fleckerlteppich in the country house facility

Customize the patterns and colors of the facility you want

Pattern-like fleckerl carpet in the interior

6 reasons why you should choose a hand-woven fleckerl rug

  • The Fleckerl carpet has character, adapts to your preferences and reveals your personality in the interior design.
  • Natural raw materials and the reuse of materials protect our environment and keep a centuries-old tradition alive.
  • The Fleckerl carpet is very robust and is particularly suitable for heavily used floors. In contrast to industrially manufactured goods, a hand-woven carpet can withstand many decades with little damage. You can also have it quickly repaired and cleaned in the hand weaving workshop.
  • Cotton and virgin sheep’s wool are both breathable. Wool locks in heat and stops drafts, while cotton is more resistant. The stained carpet can absorb a lot of moisture and it doesn’t mind, which is why it can be put down in the bathroom itself.
  • The Fleckerl carpet is the perfect carpet for allergy sufferers and asthmatics. Due to the use of natural raw materials, it is free of chemicals and therefore does not irritate the skin. In addition, it balances the humidity in the room, acts as a noise barrier, binds the allergy-causing dust in its fabric and thus ensures a pleasant, healthy room climate.
  • Fleckerl carpets are easy to care for and even washable in the washing machine at 30 degrees on a wool cycle. Use soapy water and mineral water to remove any stubborn stains. However, do not wash your carpet too often, only if it is very dirty, as this can loosen the fabric. Instead, you can turn it, because both sides can be used equally, vacuuming normally without a brush head and tapping outside, sometimes in the snow. Dry cleaning, bleaching and ironing are by no means recommended. You will be able to enjoy your Fleckerlteppich for many years to come.

Pat or vacuum your rug regularly and then take some fresh air outside afterwards

Fleckerlteppich gets air in the open air

Conclusion: No other carpet is as extensive as the traditionally hand-woven Fleckerl carpet. This confirmed classic has adorned numerous houses for centuries and still today. Count yourself among the lucky ones to design your own patchwork carpet as you wish and to put it in the limelight.

Inviting and appealing – this is how you spice up the apartment

Fleckerlteppich brings cosiness in the living room
colorful fleckerl carpet with linen connection

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