The hip industrial chic without a big budget

The hip industrial chic without a big budget

He has long since become indispensable in the interior scene: Industrial Chic. More and more people are setting up their home or apartment in the trendy style of interior design. And more and more shops, bars or restaurants rely on the trend in furnishing.

The move to the industrial charm in the area of ​​living has grown more and more in recent years. In past times, this form of furnishing was born out of necessity, but today the style is more popular than ever, which is reflected in the rising prices of furniture and accessories.

Are you also a big fan of industrial chic, but simply can not afford to spend around 6000 euros on a simple table? Then there is no reason to despair. In the following, you'll get interesting tricks and tips on how you can easily implement the industrial living style in your home – and without getting into financial shortages:

The hip industrial chic without a big budget

Tip # 1: Flea markets and second hand

If you take your time, then you can find your new favorite piece in industrial chic at second hand shops and at flea markets. Old furniture and home accessories are often offered here. The prices are very low, from and online * there are even parts for free when they are no longer needed. Also, the restoration should not be ignored here, because often not so much craftsmanship, but much more the right amount of creativity needed to make old from new.

Tip # 2: Increase the search radius

It is not always advisable to look only at the really "industrial chic" labeled pieces of furniture. Again, it is often only to let your own creativity play. For example, these stainless steel work desks can perfectly fit into an industrial-style kitchen. Even if these are actually intended for use in professional catering. The prices here are often only a fraction of what would have to be paid for designated designer furniture.

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Tip # 3: Less is more

One of the core themes of Industrial Chic is the credo: less is more. So it's a good idea to work with the things we all already have at home instead of focusing on elaborate details. Cement floors, beams and pipes, for example, shape the trend very much. If such structures are not found in your home, creativity is needed again. How about, for example, wallpaper that matches the appearance of cement?

Tip # 4: Make your own

No big handyman talent is needed here. Do it yourself is often much cheaper than buying finished furniture or home accessories. For example, a table that just does not have the right color can get a new coat of paint without much effort. And even the most unskilled craftsmen will be able to build a shelf of old pipes themselves. There is great potential here to save some money.

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Industrial chic living room decorating living room trends

kitchen set up industrial chic kitchen trends

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