The hottest trends of 2017 among Spanish tiles

The hottest trends of 2017 among Spanish tiles

News in the design of Spanish tiles at the Cevisama 2017 show us the trends of this year

Cevisama is a trade fair where you can see and get to know many new tile ideas in line with the latest trends. Due to the geographical location of the event – Spain, Valencia, this is of course an incomparably rich source of information for new designs especially for Spanish tiles.

The online magazine “Interior Design” published a special article about it. We use the examples shown there to illustrate and comment on some trends in Spanish tiles.

Spanish tiles by Aparici

aparici ceramic tiles at the valencia fair

The Spanish tiles from the manufacturer Aparici show the tendency for unusual designs, which was particularly evident in the small formats. We discover bold experiments in color combinations. They work well because they are subordinate to a connecting topic or goal. In the first example, the designers create an illusion of movement through the arrangement of the tiles, which means that the vertical dimension is emphasized on the walls.

At the same time, the design shows a certain lightness. This is probably due to the fact that the visual appearance of the tiles shows kinship with a certain type of pattern that is typical for textiles.

In the second example we have a clear theme determined by the exotic bird and tree patterns. In addition, the pursuit of dynamism is evident even in the monochrome concepts. It is achieved by a zigzag arrangement of tiles in various neutral shades.

Spanish tiles by Cas Cerámica and Bestile

cas ceramica tile ideas and patterns

Street art and vintage aspects seem to make up the charm of this year’s models of Spanish tiles. Patchwork is another key word to keep in mind regarding this. Cas Cerámica and Bestile showed how well-known shapes, patterns and ideas look very original when they are used in a new concept or context. One such example would be that the floor and one vertical wall are aligned the same way.

Spanish tiles by Keraben Grupo

keraben tile ideas for 2017

The Spanish tiles that Keraben Grupo presented at this year’s Cevisama trade fair are a demonstration of the innovative use of tile glazes. Minerals and salts are used and creative games with dimensions are used.

Spanish tiles from Cerámica and Natucer

tile ideas and patterns for the bathroom and kitchen

The own character of artistic tile ideas is often emphasized by contrasts (for example we see the use of different shapes and colors on one and the same wall). The juxtaposition of opposites is fundamentally modern in bathroom design 2017. This peculiarity is very noticeable in Cerámica and Natucer.

Pamesa Cerámica, Realonda Ceramica and Roca Tile

colorful tiles for the wall

Pamesa Cerámica and Realonda Ceramica represent two very interesting concepts of their own for combining colors. In the first case we are dealing with the introduction of contrasting shades. Several shades of no more than two colors are used. The main shading and the repetition of the patterns are the two connecting elements.

This means that the tile wall design by Pamesa Cerámica appears very uniform and stylish despite its dynamic.

At Realonda Ceramica we see the use of two or more neutral nuances in combination with different reliefs and patterns, which ultimately also provide contrasts, even if they are a little more subtle.

We have already experienced the same thing at Aparici and it can also be found at Roca Tile.

Tau Ceramica and Vives

spanish tiles from vivles at the cevisa fair

Tau Ceramica shows special effects in the glaze, which give the tiles their own shine. Vives also demonstrates this, but the designers achieve it by using small, retro-looking accent figures (e.g. small triangle in the rental of each tile).

Vivles spanish tiles as a trend for 2017

A demonstration of the innovative handling of tile glazes

trendy keraben tile ideas

We discover bold experiments in color combinations

tile ideas from Bastile at the 2017 cevisa fair

Patchwork is another key word

fliresen ideas for the kitchen

Tau Ceramica shows special effects in the glaze

ceramic tiles from ceramica at the 2017 cevisa trade fair

The interesting ideas of Pamesa Cerámica

pamesa spanish tiles for 2017

Realonda Ceramica love to play with shape and color

realonda ceramic tiles for the bathroom

A great combination of tiles from Santa Keramika

santa ceramika and their tile combinations

The own character of artistic tile ideas is often emphasized by contrasts

tao ceramica ceramic wall tiles

spanish tile showroom in valencia

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