The ideal bedroom – valuable furnishings tips!

The ideal bedroom – valuable furnishings tips!

The bedroom, the comfort room in the house, retreat and place of relaxation – simply one of the most important rooms to gather enough energy for the next day and to recover from a deep sleep of day. Although it is known that every person needs a different number of hours of sleep, how one sleeps can be positively influenced by certain things. One of the most important aspects to feel comfortable in his own home, therefore, is the device with which has set apart more closely.

Before you take care of the furnishings such as bed, nightstand and wardrobe, you should first worry about the style. If you are a fan of Scandinavian design with bright colors and clear shapes or you prefer it playful in the country house style or even oriental with geometric patterns and intense colors.

Set up the ideal bedroom!

The ideal bedroom – valuable furnishings tips!

The bed

If you have agreed on a style you can then concentrate with full vigor on the furniture purchase. The most common piece of furniture bought first, the bed, also called the heart of the bedroom, usually attracts all attention of the room and should be well considered.

An important factor to keep in mind is the size of the room and where to put the bed. Ideally, they will position the bed in a quiet corner of the room, away from the door, so they can rest more quickly. Singles like to take one meter of lying area for themselves, according to which couples like to make themselves 1.80 meters wide. The optimal height is the measure of 50 to 60 centimeters a popular reading.

Probeliegen of the bed should be made in a rested state in the afternoon, because in the evening apparently every bed finds comfortable. In addition to the comfort factor, it is important to pay enough attention to the lying position. A second person should keep an eye on whether the pelvis and shoulder can sink in deep enough and if the spine has a straight line in the lateral position – because then the bed system is optimal.

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The ideal bedroom: the wall color

The wall paint can continue to be a very important factor for a healthy and peaceful sleep. Advisable are less harsh colors such as green or blue tones, which have a calming effect and bring the pulse and blood pressure down. Also a mix of both is recommended and guarantees a good effect. Another very popular color is white, which gives the room a fresh and homogeneous touch. Even simply as a background in combination with colorful bedding, accents are skilfully staged.

Indoor plants ideal bedrooms

It depends on the right plants

Who would have thought, there are plants that purify the air and promote sleep and plants that can even hinder him by releasing CO2. Therefore, one should pay close attention to which plant is allowed to enter the holy four walls. Very popular, not only because of the healing properties, is aloe vera. It is ideal as a bedroom plant, because it gives off oxygen at night.

Another oxygen-producing plant is sheet hemp, also called step mother tongue. It has an air purifying effect and frees the air of household poisons. Its good water storage makes it easy to handle and will even keep those with a lesser green thumb long.

Ivy, the plant that can even cause damage to facades and is toxic in high doses, shows itself in the bedroom from a completely different angle. It is wonderful to use for the bedroom because it needs little light and grows quickly without much care.

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The ideal bedroom: room temperature

The correct room temperature for the bedroom is known to be between 16 and 19 degrees Celsius. Depending on age and feeling, well-being varies with the perfect sleep temperature. However, it is clear that it is advisable to ventilate the bedroom before bed and to sleep in the fresh air.

An advantage of a bedroom temperature below 19 degrees is that it burns more calories as the body tries to maintain the temperature. So even the storage of fat is prevented and excess pounds of combat announced. But with an open window you should not sleep, because you can catch cold or tense by freezing.

Set up the ideal bedroom

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