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The japanese mossballs – Kokedama make themselves + manual

The japanese mossballs – Kokedama make themselves + manual

Do you think it is impossible to grow plants without a pot? In Japan, it has already been proven that ornamental plants can be grown in mossballs. This is called Kokedama. These original mini gardens are a real eye-catcher on terraces and balconies. Since these are rare and hard to buy, we'll give you more details and show you how to make Japanese mossballs yourself.

Make Japanese mossballs yourself

make mossball mossballs yourself

What is Kokedama?

Kokedama comes from Japan and means "moss balls". These were formerly regarded as bonsai of the poor, because you could save yourself the elaborate production of bonsai pots. Today, these moss balls are an absolute hit, worldwide.

As original plant the Japanese use bonsai. Today you can use small plants such as orchids, succulents, ivy or ornamental grasses. It is also important here that the plants can get by with little water. Hyacinths and daffodils are also suitable for spring.

Prepare all materials and utensils

make kokedama mossballs yourself

You need to do that for Kokedama yourself:

  • bonsai soil
  • conventional earth
  • moss
  • water
  • solid cord or flower wire
  • Thread or yarn
  • Plant of your choice
  • scissors
  • gloves
  • a chop as needed

A simple guide!

Hanging flowers Mossballs make kokedama

How to do it:

Mince a small portion of the moss. Mix this about three equal parts with the conventional soil and the Bonsaierde. Add some water to the whole, but only so much that it reminds of slush and the earth can be shaped well. Make it a globe that will match the plant you want. Test the strength by dropping it on the table. If the globe remains whole, the desired consistency is achieved. If it breaks or crumbles, you should still experiment with the earth mixture.

The roots of the plant are freed from the earth. Make so big a hole in the globe that the roots fit into it.

Free the roots of earth

make mossball kokedama mossballs yourself

Now cover the globe with the moss so that no gaps are created. The devoted moss ball is wrapped together with the plant with the flower wire and the yarn. It is advisable to knot at regular intervals to ensure long-term strength.

And you're done! Take a suitable coaster or use a tear-resistant cord to hang. It is recommended to place the moss balls in a shady place so that the moss does not dry out too fast.

Extra tip: If you want to grow an orchid in this way, take a coffee filter, put the orchid soil in it and work around it as enumerated.

To provide the right care

Moss balls pour kokedama care

Moss balls – pour Kokedama

To keep the Kokedama beautiful and fresh, you should also water them regularly, e.g. every 7 days once. Put the kokedama in a soup plate or a bowl of water and let it soak up the water. Then let it drain slightly, gently squeeze out with your hand and put it back in place.

Convince yourself of the advantages of these moss balls and decorate the interior and exterior with it original.

A great idea for the orchids

orchids care mossballs kokedama

You can also use colorful yarn

colorful moss balls mossball kokedama

Choose a beautiful plant

make kokedama mossball mossballs yourself

kokedama itself make moss balls moss ball

The moss ball also looks great in the glass

mossball mossballs make kokedama themselves

Choose the best place

Make mossballs kokedama yourself

Combine kokedama and pots in an original way

make hanging flowers moss ball mossballs yourself

The root ball should fit in well

Mossballs make kokedama themselves

Also at Christmas this is a good idea

Moss balls make mossball

succulents care mossballs kokedama

Exotic plants look even more attractive

indoor plants make mossballs themselves

Living ideas and decoration –


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