The lovely old wooden bowl and its use as a room decoration

The lovely old wooden bowl and its use as a room decoration

Some old things, which may still be from grandma’s time, are so important to us that we neither want to throw them away nor give them away. For us they have a special value and say a lot about our family traditions. That is why it would be best if we had these personal rarities in mind every day. It looks the same with old wooden bowls and wooden bowls. They score with their natural design and versatility in use. A beautiful old wooden bowl brings a strong can of rustic flair to the room where you put it on display. In this article we want to explain what you could do with such a wooden bowl in your four walls and how you can use it as a trendy room decoration.

The wooden bowl has proven to be a real all-rounder in room decoration.

Wooden bowl as a room decoration filled with hydrangea flowers in the middle of the dining table, two white candles on both sides

Wooden bowl as a room decoration in the middle of the table filled with hydrangea flowers, lots of green

Here you will definitely find a lot of cool ideas for your old wooden bowl or wooden bowl that you didn’t even suspect. Such a piece is currently proving to be a trendy decorative item that goes well with all furnishing styles and fits perfectly into every home. Stay with it and let it surprise you!

Rustic room decoration with lemons in the wooden bowl, lots of green and old lanterns.

Wooden bowl rustic room decoration lemons greenery old lanterns high vase with blooming branches white candles

The Flaming Käthchen (Kalanchoe) has a special home, but shows white flowers.

Wooden bowl as an eye-catcher beautiful room decoration Kalanchoe in it white flowers lots of green

The wooden bowl as the centerpiece of the room decoration

The possible uses of wooden bowls and bowls are inexhaustible. You can place these in a room of your choice. For example, in the kitchen on the windowsill or directly on the dining table, the wooden bowl can be the centerpiece of your entire room decoration. Arrange a few flowers in it, add candles as well and the eye catcher is ready! A wooden bowl also cuts a fine figure on the coffee table in the living room. What you fill it with or rather leave it empty depends above all on your individual taste and personal preferences.

The perfect centerpiece of the room decoration in a modern living room.

Wooden bowl modern design dark color green moss white candles eye-catching on the table

The arrangement of some wooden bowls looks great too!

Wooden bowl arrangement of some wooden bowls on the table old jug of white chrysanthemums

We would just add that you can make an arrangement of some wooden bowls too. Nothing could go wrong, because the light wood color of most bowls and bowls can be easily combined with other colors in your room design. For this reason, such an arrangement could never disturb the entire concept of your room decoration. A wooden bowl also looks very eye-catching on a chest of drawers in the hallway. There she greets the guests and expresses a lot about your character and style.

The vintage kitchen cabinet got a second chance!

Wooden bowl vintage kitchen cupboard green fir branches pine cones old white pitchers

The perfect living room decoration with classic and modern touches.

Wooden bowl on the coffee table in the living room cream-colored candles sofa lamps stacked books on the light carpet

Room decoration with wooden bowls depending on the season

Every season has its own charm. With the room decoration we try to emphasize this and to create a special atmosphere at home. What you can do with a wooden bowl in your four walls during the four seasons is shown in the examples we have selected.

  • Welcome Spring Home!

Traditionally, spring is associated with a new beginning, with the new life in nature around us. For this reason, you can rely on bright spring colors when decorating your wooden bowl. Go for green and beautiful spring flowers such as tulips and daffodils. We also celebrate Easter in spring. This is an excellent way to arrange your brightly colored Easter eggs in a wooden bowl and put them in the limelight.

Wooden bowl centerpiece table decoration moss pine cones white flowers

Wooden bowl beautiful room decoration violet tulips throw blanket on the sofa wooden box table candles

The heart of the Easter decorations on the dining table!

Wooden bowl Easter decoration on the table lots of green white flowers vases white tulips Easter bunny in the background

  • Fresh and colorful like summer!

For many people, summer is their favorite season! Nice weather, lots of free time, a beach holiday – that’s what we all dream of. Did you collect clam shells, starfish and sea urchins during your last beach vacation? Then put these souvenirs in a wooden bowl! Your summer room decoration is ready! Are you still dreaming of a new vacation by the sea or are you already there in your mind?

Wonderful summer decoration with shells in the wooden bowl!

Wooden bowl summer decoration on the dining table seashells starfish wonderful decoration idea

In the summer it smells like lavender!

Wooden bowl table decoration with lavender it smells nice and fresh

  • It’s pumpkin time!

Harvest and pumpkin time comes in autumn! Here you can introduce endless seasonal elements into the room decoration. It’s about ripe fruit and pumpkins to the fresh aroma of cinnamon and apples.

Appropriate decoration in the wooden bowl heralds the fall season.

Wooden bowl of autumn white pumpkins in the wooden bowl bunch of wheat stalks


Ripe apples in the skin spread their fresh aroma in the room.

Wooden bowl green apples give off a fresh aroma. Autumn decoration

Wooden bowl on the dresser in the hallway in front of the mirror white pumpkins plaited pumpkin decoration made of hemp

Wooden bowl small white pumpkins some green leaves autumnal table decoration ideas

Wooden bowl small white pumpkins some green leaves autumn table decoration

Wooden bowl of white pumpkins decorated with green leaves. Autumn table decorations on the coffee table in the living room

  • Immerse yourself in the magic of winter!

Winter brings cold and frost, but home is warm and cozy. This is exactly what we show with the room decoration in the cold months. Arrange pine cones, candles and succulents on a wooden bowl and create timeless jewelry. Now is the time to immerse yourself in the magic of the pre-Christmas season!

Wooden bowl room decoration living room on the coffee table pine cones early blooming white flowers


Wooden bowl festive Christmas decorations Christmas balls wooden bowl dining table crystal glasses

Wooden bowl artificial grass pine cones white candles table decoration red apples poinsettia in the background

Wooden bowl rustic ambience table decoration green fir branches old wooden bowl

A wooden bowl is mainly used to store various small items

Last but not least, we don’t want to forget that the wooden bowls and bowls have a different function. Various things can be stored in it. For example, freshly baked bread that smells so appetizing.

Wooden bowl to store freshly baked bread in it, it smells delicious

Our great-grandmothers probably baked their bread here.

Wooden bowl fireplace for baking bread rustic ambience

But small items, kitchen towels, books and the like can be kept in a wooden bowl so that these things are always at hand. The next pictures show this possible application.

Wooden bowl practical function for storing hemp rolls scissors


Wooden bowl practical function to store white kitchen towels in the rustic kitchen

Wooden bowl practical function to store books on the coffee table in the living room

Wooden bowl rustic arrangement old books store white lamp

Wooden bowl on the dresser in the hallway to store odds and ends, cell phone jewelry letters

Now you definitely know what to do with your grandmother’s old wooden bowl. Scroll below to check out other great examples! We hope you enjoy decorating with wooden bowls and bowls!

Wooden bowl autumn table decoration with mushrooms pine cones eye-catcher

Wooden bowl filled with balls made of green moss timeless room decoration

Wooden bowl autumn table decoration white pumpkins in a wooden bowl arranged acorns

Wooden bowl autumn table decoration pumpkins mushrooms candle rustic ambience


Wooden bowl rustic ambience living room on the coffee table white jug mug

Wooden bowl transition to the veranda beautiful wall decoration table lanterns candles cones

Wooden bowl timeless arrangement with succulents white candles rustic flair

Wooden bowl timeless arrangement blooming catkins yellow lemons

Wooden bowl timeless arrangement, table decoration, succulents, moss

Wooden bowl on the dining table eye catching succulent grass

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