These 2 ideas can best be combined with the black wall paint

These 2 ideas can best be combined with the black wall paint

Again and again, the black wall paint creates a lot of interest and in 2018 the dark color palette will be a hot topic for millions of design lovers and homeowners. In the following text we do not want to deal directly with the wall color, but with the decorative elements that can enhance the attractive color palette even more positively. You can find out which interior design ideas can best be combined with black wall paint in the next few points!

Have your black wall design combined with cool interior design ideas

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Paintings, illustrations and textures

No other decorative element can improve the wall design as extremely as the perfect wall artwork. Paintings, illustrations and textures can be optimally combined with any wall color. More and more homeowners are opting for an attractive wall design with colorful paintings and that is not without reason. The black color is the right background for the colors in the room and lets them come out well. This means that you can see the individual design elements at a glance.

Large wall paintings show at first glance that the combination of black wall design and works of art creates a stylish design language that leaves you speechless. There is enough space for art in every room and for this reason you can also display abstract works of art. But if you want your room design to be a creative highlight, then the colorful textures will leave no questions unanswered.

Select an abstract mural

Tips wall colors details and ideas

LED and natural lighting design – how important is that for the black wall color?

Above all, the black wall design needs light and a lot. Only with a clear lighting design can this color palette attract everyone’s attention from afar. A positive advantage is that the LED lighting design can be perfectly combined with wall paintings. The interior is hard to beat in terms of attractiveness – it combines the black wall design with the two perfect interior design ideas – works of art and LED lighting.

Even if the first idea with works of art does not particularly appeal to you, the bright lighting design is considered a must for homeowners who have opted for a black interior design. The reason for this is that without an optimal LED design, the particular room will be much too dark – day and night. To avoid this negative impact of the color palette, you can strategically position lights in the room to create a WOW effect.

Don’t forget the lighting design

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You can give your black wall design a stylish look at any time with the right interior design ideas. Use the following picture gallery to choose a suitable idea for your taste and create a new symbol of luxury in your room.

The black wall paint lets all the works of art in the room come to the fore

Wall paint ideas interior design ideas


The natural lighting design makes the wall color more attractive

Black wall color Interior design ideas black wall color

Let your ideas run wild!

Wall colors ideas in black

The natural lighting design also plays a major role


natural lighting design


Choose an abstract wall decoration

Interior design ideas wall design black


One design. Lots of personalities!

Wall colors ideas tips

Pictures can be optimally combined with the black wall paint


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It looks like a fascinating interior design

current interior design ideas black wall color


The black wall color creates a luxurious atmosphere in every room

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Ready for an attractive interior design in the bedroom?

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The more attractive the works of art, the more stylish the interior will be


decoration elements wall paint ideas

Each line should be perfectly shaped


black furnishings design


Design language that leaves you speechless

wall art interior design

Living ideas and decoration –


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