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Tinker autumn decoration: Make autumn bowl from colorful leaves

For all craftsmen and decorators autumn offers a wealth of wonderful materials. Thus, the most beautiful autumn decorations can be conjured up from a wide range of natural elements. Every year, I am particularly impressed by all the colorful leaves that fall from the trees in autumn. Because it creates with a few simple steps magic decorations. Like this autumn cup. Made from lots of colorful foliage leaves, this shell sets colorful autumn accents in our four walls. I'll show you how to make this great autumn decoration.

Making autumn decoration: DIY- guide autumn cup

Autumn decoration with golden accents.

Whether in the living room, in the hall, on the terrace or in the garden – this fall bowl is everywhere a colorful eyecatcher. In addition, the shell is versatile. Small utensils, various Dekoaccessoires or autumn fruits find great place in it. A special highlight is the bowl with the help of a fairy lights. Because the gentle light makes the colorful colors of the autumn leaves really shine.

Material autumn cup

  • colorful autumn leaves
  • Potch napkin glue
  • brush
  • Cling film
  • bowl
  • clearcoat

Deco for the autumn cup

  • mushrooms
  • candle
  • moss
  • oak leaves
  • Fairy lights maple
  • decorative sand
  • Branch maple gold

And this is how it's done:

DIY-instruction Making autumn bowl.

Fix sheets with napkin glue

After you've collected colorful autumn leaves for your autumn cup, you're ready for the crafting fun. I used fresh leaves for this autumn DIY. Dried leaves are less suitable because they break quickly. The best are flat leaves. If the leaves are too vaulted, you can squeeze them between heavy books for a few hours. Thus, the leaves are beautifully smooth and can then stick better. Depending on how big your leaf cup should be, you need a correspondingly large bowl. This can be made of glass, plastic or porcelain. First, you dress the bowl with cling film. Now you give with a brush napkin glue on the bottom of the sheet. Then you stick the sheet on the dish lined with cling film. Then you apply again napkin glue on the glued sheet. Then smooth the sheet with the brush from the inside out.

Make autumn bowl from colorful leaves.

Begins by sticking the leaves to the bottom of the shell. Here I have used rather larger leaves. Then you stick the remaining leaves around the bowl. Make sure that the leaves overlap well. If you discover individual gaps, they can be covered with more leaves at the end. Once you've glued all the leaves, put your autumn peel on the side to dry.

DIY guide autumn cup

Decorate autumn cup.

Remove clingfilm

Then after about 48 hours, you can peel the leaves from the bowl and then remove the cling film. To do this, carefully remove the foil from the leaves piece by piece with your fingers. This step requires a little patience and tact, so that the leaves do not break. Once you have removed the foil, the autumn peel must dry again for about 12 hours. After the shell is completely dry, you seal it with a clear coat. The clearcoat protects against moisture and dirt. It also gives the leaves more stability. Incidentally, you can use ordinary hair spray instead of clear coat. After more than an hour of drying, our autumn cup is ready to be filled.

Decorate autumn cup

Autumn decoration made of natural materials.

Autumn decoration - mushroom

Depending on your wishes, you can now fill your autumn bowl with a variety of accessories. Since I had collected so many autumn leaves, two shells were created. The slightly smaller bowl I lined with bright orange oak leaves. The larger bowl with the golden mushroom looks almost noble and elegant. A magical deco accessory that adds a golden autumn vibe to our home.

Deco idea autumn cup with autumn leaves and candle

Make the leaf bowl.

Cup with candle and colorful autumn leaves.

  1. First, you'll be dressing the bowl with oak leaves.
  2. Place a white candle in the center of the bowl.
  3. Now you cover the ground with moss.
  4. Then you decorate the bowl with a battery-operated fairy lights. The fairy light maple looks particularly decorative. Her golden leaves give this fall decoration glamorous accents.
  5. A few autumnal fruits, such as lantern flowers, provide additional splashes of color.

Deco idea autumn cup with mushrooms and moss

Crafting instructions autumn shell.

Autumn decoration with mushrooms and moss.

  1. Fills about one third of the bowl with decorative sand.
  2. In the sand you then put the mushroom, so that it stands slightly raised.
  3. Now you are dressing the leaves with moss.
  4. Then you wrap a string of lights around the mushroom.
  5. Finally, you decorate the autumn bowl with a few golden maple leaves. And our colorful autumn decoration is ready!
It's amazing what you can do with leaves.
I wish you a lot of fun and good luck with this autumn DIY!

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