Tinker Christmas wreaths from any material and in unusual designs

The Christmas wreath is simply a must for this festival. This is a typical and popular Christmas symbol. With the advent wreath, the days until Christmas are counted with burning candles. This tradition has existed for more than 180 years and has its origins in Hamburg. The evangelical pastor Johann Hinrich Wichern came up with the idea for the first Advent wreath. Today, the design of the Christmas wreath differs not only in that the number of candles has been reduced to four, but also in the original designs. Today the Advent wreath is not only placed on the table and decorated with Advent candles, but also hung on doors. This can also be attached somewhere in another suitable place to create a nice look. If you attach great importance to a fancy festive wreath this year, you could make the Christmas wreath yourself.

Make a Christmas wreath – Today's Advent wreaths are characterized by a modern design

tinker christmas wreaths snowballs deco ribbon unusual design

Make a Christmas wreath in a natural look

Cones, wooden discs and evergreen branches are the natural materials that are perfect for creating a festive wreath with a natural look. You can let your creativity run free and decorate the Advent wreath beautifully. Decorate it with some berries or small flowers. And if you make a wreath out of cones, you could paint it in different colors. You then achieve a lively design, which spreads a beautiful festive mood. Crafted from natural materials, the Christmas wreath can be designed in several styles. Rustic or very simple in the Scandinavian style, this represents a stylish Christmas decoration for your front door or the festive table.

Paint cones and create beautiful Christmas wreaths

tinker christmas wreath cones paint stylish christmas decorations

Create simple and fresh door decorations for Christmas

tinker christmas wreath decorate berries tinker christmas decorations

Make a Christmas wreath from alternative materials

Classic wreaths are made of fir, mistletoe or eucalyptus branches and give the apartment an elegant, festive look. But something more extravagant Christmas wreaths are also particularly popular, because they come into their own and captivate the eye for a long time. Different fabrics, paper, balls and reused materials are great alternatives for your very special Christmas wreath.

For a Christmas wreath made of Christmas tree balls you need:

  • Christmas balls in different sizes and colors
  • Gift ribbon made of satin in a matching color
  • Styrofoam ring with a diameter of 30 cm
  • Hot glue gun
  • Thumbtacks
  • scissors

How are you:

  1. Wrap the styrofoam ring with the gift ribbon. Fix the beginning and the end of the tape to the styrofoam ring with a thumbtack.
  2. Remove the suspensions from the balls and then glue the balls to the styrofoam ring. It is best to glue these so that the opening touches the wreath.
  3. Start with the larger balls from the outside in.
  4. Leave the bottom of the styrofoam free so you can hang the wreath on the door later.
  5. Once you have covered the whole ring with the large balls, then fill in the gaps between them with smaller ones.
  6. Let the wreath dry for about 24 hours so that the glue dries out well and no ball falls off the wreath.
  7. Then cut some of the ribbon and use it to hang the wreath.

Decorate the walls with a ball wreath

tinker christmas wreath elegant design beautiful wall decoration

A very original door decoration, isn't it?

tinker christmas wreath make your own paper wreath tinker christmas decorations

Make a Christmas wreath with children

Children like to take part in Christmas crafts. There are numerous Christmas wreath craft ideas with children that will make young and old happy. So you can make beautiful Christmas wreaths out of paper together with the little ones.

What do you need:

  • a paper plate
  • Crepe paper in two colors – for example green and red
  • Glue stick
  • scissors
  • pen

How are you:

  1. Turn the paper plate over and cut a hole in the center so that you cut out the inner circle.
  2. Cut 3 to 5 cm squares out of the green crepe paper.
  3. Wrap a piece of crepe paper around one end of the pen to form a sachet and rub the tip with some glue.
  4. Glue the piece of wrapped paper to the edge of the plate.
  5. Glue on other bags of paper in the same way, until the whole edge of the plate is full.
  6. Then cut out about 6 squares from the red crepe paper, about 5 cm in size.
  7. Shape the squares into small balls and glue them anywhere on the wreath.

Crafting for Christmas is a favorite pastime for the little ones

tinker christmas wreath tinker with children crepe paper paper plate

Make a Christmas wreath out of paper plates and decorate it with green thread

tinker christmas wreath tinker with children paper plate thread

So what kind of Advent wreath would you include in your Christmas decorations this year? Also take a look at the following craft ideas and let yourself be inspired for your really great Christmas wreath! Have fun doing handicrafts!

Perhaps you would like to make a strange advent calendar?

tinker christmas wreath tinker with children ideas advent calendar ideas

Modern Christmas wreaths are a unique Christmas decoration

tinker christmas wreath unusual ideas untypical christmas wreath

Creative handicrafts with recycled materials

tinker christmas wreath reused materials beautiful christmas wall decorations

Wonderful idea for your Christmas wreath this year

Christmas wreath tinker paper pages decorative wreath christmas

Rustic door decoration for Christmas

tinker christmas wreath natural material wood rustic

Decorate the entrance with a beautiful Christmas wreath made of berries

tinker christmas wreath berren creative craft ideas christmas decoration

tinker christmas wreath evergreen branches tinker christmas decorations

tinker christmas wreath table festive decorating tinker christmas decorations

tinker christmas wreath wreath christmas balls colored festive

tinker christmas wreath glowing door wreath decorate entrance

tinker christmas wreath festive table decorations candle

tinker christmas wreath glowing christmas wreath cones

Christmas wreath tinker paper creative craft ideas christmas

tinker christmas wreath rustic wooden door wreath

tinker christmas wreath beautiful door decorations advent

tinker christmas wreath stylish door wreath cones bamalt

tinker christmas wreath fabric wreath flowers decorated door decoration christmas

tinker christmas wreath cones use creative tinker ideas christmas tinker

tinker christmas wreath cones hanging decoration christmas tinker

tinker christmas wreath unusual christmas wreath tinker christmas decorations

tinker christmas wreath creative craft ideas fresh christmas decoration ideas

tinker christmas wreath vintage door wreath christmas

tinker christmas wreath cones berries tinker christmas decorations

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