Tips for more mindfulness in everyday life!

Everyday stress has become a widespread disease. It’s time to focus on ourselves again. Beautifully designed living areas and a view of the little moments of happiness help to escape from everyday life. Mindfulness, have you heard the word before? No! The mindfulness thought brings us exactly where the fast pace of everyday life no longer has a place. Today I will show you how you can set up a relaxation or meditation area in your home. I will explain to you what the subject of “mindfulness” is all about, what it is and how you can lead a more balanced life with more concentration on yourself.

Content: Mindfulness, what is it? – Advantages of mindfulness – How to design a meditation or relaxation area – Tips for more mindfulness in everyday life

This is how you design a meditation area - what is mindfulness?

Mindfulness, what is it anyway?

Definition of mindfulness:

In today’s fast-paced world, in which we always think one step ahead, there is hardly any leisure to enjoy the moment. We can no longer concentrate on the present and be with us with all of our senses. The mindfulness thought relates to exactly this moment shift.

  • Mindfulness means focusing on the present moment. Perceive the current moment with all senses of perception and with your own thoughts (with head and spirit).
  • Mindfulness means focusing on the moment. Ask yourself the questions: What is happening around me? What do i hear What do I see? What do i taste How do i feel This concentration helps us to move within the current time frame so that we can visualize the beautiful moments.
  • Mindfulness encourages you to focus on the positive. Make yourself aware: What do I have? What am I? What do I enjoy?

Go through life mindfully, here you will find tips on the subject of mindfulness!

Mindfulness, what are the benefits?

  • If you learn to put the moment at the center of your awareness, then it will lead to better coping with stressful situations. Mindfulness focuses on the small moment of happiness. With a new or different consciousness, you can transform uncomfortable states into something pleasant. Stress is reduced faster this way.
  • If you learn to walk through life more mindfully, you will develop more empathy or more sensitivity for your fellow human beings and for the environment. You can show them more respect and interact with them more calmly.
  • Positive thinking is in the foreground. When you have a generally positive outlook on life, you can be more optimistic about negative situations.

How can we learn to be mindful of ourselves? It is a form of meditation that puts us in a positive mindset and lets us see the world with different eyes!

Makeover of a small meditation corner

If you also want to walk a little more consciously through life, if you want to focus your concentration on the here and now, or if you want to gain something positive from a negative situation, then it makes sense to deal with the topic of “mindfulness”. A small meditation space that can be quickly designed can help you escape from everyday life and enjoy moments of calm.

Go through life mindfully and escape the fast pace of everyday life - tips on mindfulness

So you designed a meditation corner


  1. You don’t need a whole space to create a place of retreat. One area of ​​space is completely sufficient to create a place to which you can withdraw in order to gain distance from everyday life.
  2. Design your “meditation room” with natural materials that appeal to your senses. Wooden surfaces are very well suited for this, because they appeal to the sense of touch and radiate calm.
  3. Decide on restrained colors when implementing your meditation corner. Beige or gray tones that relate to natural materials such as stone, clay or wood are good choices. The more reserved and warmer the room area, the better you can concentrate on your focus.
  4. Relies on natural light. It is nice if your mindfulness area has a window through which natural daylight can penetrate. The daylight, which can change in the course of the sun or depending on the weather, speaks to your emotional level.

Furniture for a meditation area - we explain how you learn mindfulness!

The choice of furniture and accessories:

  1. Make yourself as comfortable as possible, floor cushions (4) and pillows would be a good choice for your meditation location. You don’t have to use your area alone, optionally provide a few more seats.
  2. A table or bench (1) that stands in the center or on the wall area can serve as a storage table for your utensils.
  3. Woolen blankets (2) ensure cosiness and strengthen well-being; here, too, you can take your overall concept into account when choosing colors.
  4. If you only design one area of ​​the room as a meditation place, it can make sense to provide storage space. Maybe pillows and blankets need to be easy to put away after your session.

Mindfulness, what is it?  Here you will find tips on the topic!

Tips for more mindfulness in everyday life:

  1. Provides small everyday islands. Your relaxation area is already set up. Recurring rites or actions bring you into a situation of concentration. Maybe it’s the cup of tea that you keep drinking. Even the noise that is made when pouring could put you in a state of calm. Perhaps the smell of your favorite tea will conjure up a smile on your face, so you can relax perfectly and enjoy the moment. The tea service is from DEPOT
  2. Make yourself a “feast for the eyes”. Still lifes that draw attention to themselves encourage the moment of concentration. For example, use candles that you light before you start your everyday break. Here, too, there is a recurring rhythm. Bring twigs or flowers into your house and use them to create your still life. Those who cannot be in nature to do silence exercises can provide a little natural spectacle here in the room.
  3. You can escape everyday life anywhere. If you treat yourself carefully, you will recognize the little moments of happiness. Even in the office, enjoying a cup of coffee or tea can turn into a wonderful moment of the day. Create as many small everyday islands as possible.

As you can read, it is not that difficult to set up a quiet area or a place of retreat. Every house or apartment has a corner ready, even if you can only use it temporarily. It is important that you take your time to go about your everyday life with mindfulness.

I hope you enjoy setting up.

Best regards.


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