Tips for using industrial lighting in modern interior design

The industrial lights are the first lights ever and they even go ahead of electricity. Anyone who is aware of this, is also aware that they can give the interior pretty quickly an antique flair. However, industrial lighting and other industrial accessories are also fashionable in modern interiors. But how can they be used so that they are current and not old-fashioned or out of place? In the following lines we give you some tips.

Industrial luminaires with a clear function in the room

With their authentic and bold design, the industrial lamps are immediately an eye-catcher and not infrequently – the linchpin of the design. Incidentally, you can see some illustrative examples of this at! You should use this potential to make your interior functional with the help of these and to give it a unique character. Nowadays one often lives in a small apartment or one decides on an open plan of living. In both cases, but also in other forms of modern living, the interior houses several different functions. An eye-catching industrial luminaire can weld the interior design together or, on the contrary, emphasize or visually better define a certain zone in it.

ideal wall design with industrial lights

Discover the diversity

We did not start by chance with the question of the function of the industrial lamps in the interior. Due to their long history and the creativity of modern designers, we are dealing with many different models in the market. The clear idea about the role of this accessory in the interior design will help you a lot more for the right choice. In the industrial style, you will discover both floor and wall lights today. Pendulum, floor and ceiling lamps as well as many other types of lamps are available from different suppliers.
There are some popular models among industrial lights that are not available in any other design style. These are about the tripod lamp – a kind of floor lamp. Or the cage light.

Industrial lighting idea antique

What style do the industrial lamps fit?

As emphasized in the introduction, industrial lamps are the first luminaires that ever existed. So they have been part of the interior design for centuries and consequently there is hardly any style in which they can not be integrated. You just have to pick the right shape, color and materials. A modern design is best suited for industrial lamps with clean lines. If you have a rural or Scandinavian living space, then you should prefer models with a textile screen. This cotton and other materials are used. The rough industrial or antique interior design can wonderfully benefit from rugged and authentic models.

Man in the room with industrial lights

Personalize your space with the help of an industrial light

Finally, you can opt for a great eclectic interior design. Industrial accessories, including luminaires, allow you to weld it together and adapt it to an urban context. Industrial lighting can also provide an invigorating contrast or accent in a neutral interior. It is best to correspond with other elements of similar character in the design. That would be about walls or other surfaces with metal or a robust surface. One thing is certain – industrial lighting is very popular with residents who want to personalize and make their interior design memorable with a little stylistic intervention.

Ceiling light modern

rough wall design and industrial lighting

table lamp in industriestl industrial lighting

great room with industrial lights

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