Tired of Ikea furniture?  Simply design your furniture yourself

Tired of Ikea furniture? Simply design your furniture yourself

Uniform, standardized and everywhere, with these words you can Ikea furniture describe. The CNC milled furniture from a Saarland company now offers a truly innovative change. This technology ended the era of cubic furniture. Round shapes, which previously could only be realized by expensive manual work by carpenters, are now much easier to implement. The whole thing is topped by the feature that you can design your own furniture. Companies like the start-up Okinlab promise all of this.

CNC milled furniture will determine the furniture design of the future

CNC milled furniture

CNC milled furniture new technology

What’s behind it?

There are a total of 2 new ideas that are combined here. The first is to have the most modern CNC milling machines milled wood into shape instead of metal. Thanks to innovative software, the founders of Okinlab can easily identify the individual parts of an ordered shelf Have CNC milled. The finished draft is converted into milling data with which the piece of furniture can be CNC milled piece by piece. A carpenter is no longer required to laboriously work the complex shapes out of the corresponding wooden panel with a saw. The result is the ability to build shelves in almost any shape. On the one hand, this technique is used to create organic shapes that make a room appear much more natural. On the other hand, the developers of Okinlab want to make software available online with which everyone can tailor their own furniture and let their creativity run free.

CNC milled furniture rocking chair

Who will benefit from the new technology?

In addition to the private individuals already mentioned, who want to fulfill their dream of a self-designed piece of furniture, there are also other customers, for example from public spaces. Retirement homes and kindergartens show great interest in the swinging furniture. The interest is easy to understand. Rooms in which children play should stimulate creativity and appear interesting. Playful shapes that also make optimal use of the space are wonderfully suitable. There is a very pragmatic reason in retirement homes, because round shapes are more ergonomic. A person dependent on a wheelchair or a walker is happy when they do not have to constantly drive 90 degree bends, but are gently guided around bends by adapted furniture. In addition, exciting forms break people’s dreary everyday lives. Schools have also become aware of this offer. Learning and teaching rooms, such as libraries, can be upgraded by using the right furniture to create a feel-good space that encourages learning.

CNC milled furniture children's chair Bear


This idea definitely has the potential to revolutionize the furniture industry. In the long run, the prices for CNC milling and CNC turning and with it the production costs for the furniture, which makes the designer furniture, which is still very expensive today, cheaper. In combination with high-quality raw materials, furniture is created with a very long service life, which also justifies a high price. And you shouldn’t forget that with the newly emerging software anyone can become a furniture designer and let their imagination run wild. In the future, interior furnishings will no longer be simply combined, but created through a creative process.

CNC milled furniture innovative furniture design


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