Top 5 plants against mosquitoes and flies

Top 5 plants against mosquitoes and flies

The deadliest animal in the world, the female mosquito, is stimulated by a number of factors in the search for a blood meal. In the beginning, the annoying insects are attracted to the carbon dioxide that we exhale and also to our body heat. As the mosquito approaches, it reacts to the smell of the skin of its potential source of blood. If you do not want to water yourself or your garden with smelly chemicals and potentially harmful insect repellents, you can still find a solution to your mosquito problem. We present you the top 5 most effective plants against mosquitoes, so that you can fend off the annoying beings in a natural way from the house and garden.

You do not need chemistry to keep mosquitoes away

Top 5 plants against mosquitoes and flies no chemistry against insects

How do plants work against mosquitoes?

Mosquitoes have a very pronounced sense of smell. While some plants give us a soothing and pleasant fragrance, the insects find this quite repugnant. Since, of course, the range of this flavor is not so great, these plants are best positioned next to windows, doors, walkways, seating areas and dining areas.

Some of these plants are best for pots, so you can easily move them. Others perform their task better in the garden, where they fend off several species of insects. The leaves and flowers of all these plants can crush you and rub gently on the skin, unless you are allergic.

Another way to keep away mosquitoes is not to leave stagnant water in the open, as this is a breeding ground for many insects. If you have a pond or birdbath in the garden, you should cleanse it at least once a week to minimize the population of mosquitoes.

Making essential oils yourself is easier than you think

Use top 5 plants against mosquitoes and flies oils of plants as a perfume

Perfect ingredient for DIY perfumes and aromatic massages

Top 5 plants against mosquitoes and flies plant oils extract and use massage

Aromatic and pretty plants against mosquitoes

Citronella, Lemongrass has a pronounced citrus-like aroma and is the most common natural ingredient in mosquito repellents. It is a perennial grass and a beautiful background for many decorative garden flowers. It is not hardy though. Citronella can easily be grown in a large pot. When buying, look for the genuine varieties Cymbopogon nardus or Cymbopogon winterianus.

Citronella can grow up in the garden

Top 5 plants against mosquitoes and flies citronella against insects in the garden

In the pot you cultivate this medicinal plant like any other houseplant

Top 5 plants against mosquitoes and flies grow citronella in the pot

Marigold, The marigolds are annuals with a characteristic odor that mosquitoes find particularly offensive. They contain the compound pyrethrum, which is used in many insect repellents. Marigolds prefer full sunlight and fertile soil. Although they can be planted from seeds, starter plants are available inexpensively in most garden centers. Marigolds can flourish well in pots and continue to be processed into healing ointments.

Main ingredient in many ointments and mosquito sprays

Top 5 plants against mosquitoes and flies marigolds cute orange healthy

Marigolds give your environment aromatic color joy

Top 5 plants against mosquitoes and flies marigolds in pot planting

Helpful and tasty plants against mosquitoes

lavender, The soothing and soothing lavender thrives in well-drained, hot and sunny climates, both in the garden and in a large container. Both the leaves and the flowers smell and ward off many species of insects, including mosquitoes and flies. Do not be discouraged if your lavender is not very productive at first. It takes about 3 years for the plant to produce a rich flower harvest.

From the age of three, lavender can produce up to 1,000 pedicels per plant

Top 5 plants against mosquitoes and flies lavender in the garden against insects

The fragrant ornamental plant blossoms pretty in the pot

Top 5 plants against mosquitoes and flies grow lanvendel in the pot

mint, The mint family includes peppermint, ear mint, poloe, horse mint, catnip and many more. All have in common the ingredient menthol, which makes them so effective against many insects. They are robust, grow fast and proliferate themselves through foothills. In fact, mint can quickly take over your farm if it gets out of hand. Various mint varieties are very popular in the culinary arts and have been used as a digestive aid for thousands of years.

Mint is a herb that can easily get out of hand in the garden

Top 5 plants against mosquitoes and flies mint against insects and mosquitoes

Catnip eliminates mosquitoes and attracts babies

Top 5 plants against mosquitoes and flies catnip against mosquitoes but for cats

Top 5 plants against mosquitoes and flies polje mint against insects

basil, The basil makes delicious sauces, pesto and salads, but can also keep away mosquitoes and flies. This plant naturally releases its aroma, so the leaves do not need to be crushed or prepared in any way. Basil is also toxic to mosquito larvae. You can therefore plant it near stagnant water to keep mosquitoes from laying eggs in it.

Basil is even toxic to mosquitoes

Top 5 plants against mosquitoes and fly basil in the pot grow

Helpful in many ways

Top 5 plants against mosquitoes and flies basil against insects in the garden

Mosquitoes are a common and potentially dangerous nuisance. Often a combination of defense techniques for these small winged creatures is your best defense. Plant different plants against mosquitoes to your heart's content, rub aromatic oils on your skin as a natural home-made perfume or make your own scented candles and ointments.

Top 5 plants against mosquitoes and flies helpful plants against insects

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