Types of car mats at a glance – this is the best way to protect your car from dirt

Types of car mats at a glance – this is the best way to protect your car from dirt

Every driver is responsible for the technical maintenance of his car. However, the appearance of the car, its hygiene and comfort, both for the driver and for the passengers, should be approached with the same seriousness. Good quality car mats are a great way to keep your vehicle clean at all times and to feel comfortable while driving. Even so, this important accessory is often overlooked and underestimated. If you have ever asked yourself what purpose and what advantages mats have, then you have come to the right place. In the following lines we will show you the most important types of car mats and give you tips on how to choose the perfect ones for your own car.

Types of car mats at a glance - this is how you can optimally protect your car from dirt protect your car from dirt

What is the purpose of car mats?

At first glance, car mats appear like unnecessary accessories that take up space, slip while driving and even annoy them. In reality, they are much more important than you might think.

On the one hand, car mats make cleaning the vehicle much easier. On the other hand, they protect the original upholstery and the entire floor surface of your car from contact with rain, snow, mud, sand, dust and other contaminants. These are known to be responsible for corrosion, mold growth and other unpleasantnesses. In addition, good car mats can act as vibration and noise dampening when driving and thus contribute to a comfortable journey.

Types of car mats at a glance - how to protect your car optimally from dirt matt stylish summer

Types of car mats at a glance

Basically, mats are divided into two main types – universal and custom made. Universal car mats are suitable for many different makes and models of cars. They are available in different sizes, but can also be cut to size and thus easily adapted to a specific vehicle.

On the other hand, custom car mats are made for a very specific make or model. Since they are tailored to a specific car, they fit in perfectly and do not require any special adjustment. Despite the slightly higher price, this type of mat is mostly preferred.

Types of car mats at a glance - this is the best way to protect your car from matt velor dirt

Materials and benefits

Furthermore, mats are made from different durable materials. All of these have different advantages and disadvantages, depending on the conditions under which they are used.

Rubber car mats are, as the name suggests, made of rubber, or more precisely, rubber. They are elastic, waterproof, easy to care for and much more durable than most other types of mats. They are suitable for all weather conditions, but especially for autumn and winter when there is a lot of rain and snow. The main disadvantage of cheap models is the appearance of an unpleasant rubber smell in warmer weather.

Car carpets are manufactured using a special process from various synthetic or real fibers such as needle felt or velor. They are preferred mainly from an aesthetic point of view as they come in several different colors and patterns. So you can adapt your practical car mat perfectly to the design of your vehicle. Thanks to their rubber backing, car carpets do not slip and at the same time prevent dirt and moisture from penetrating the floor of the car. They are easy to remove, wash, dust and clean. Compared to rubber car mats, however, car carpets get dirty and worn out much faster. High-heeled shoes can even make holes in the carpet over time. They are best suited for dry weather conditions, i.e. spring / summer season.

Types of car mats at a glance - this is how you can optimally protect your car from dirt

3D car mats give every vehicle a first-class appearance. Similar to car carpets, they are available in different colors and offer you a sedan-like luxury inside your car. 3D car mats are usually made of waterproof and non-slip polymer and draw moisture and dirt to the edge instead of absorbing them. This property also means that these car mats must be cleaned regularly.

If you want to protect your car from dirt, wear and tear, corrosion, and an overall neglected appearance, you should have good car mats. They are a necessary, practical and stylish accessory for any vehicle.

Types of car mats at a glance - How to optimally protect your car from dirt luxury matte 3d car mats

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