U-shape kitchen: what are the advantages and the design variations!

U-shape kitchen: what are the advantages and the design variations!

The kitchen is the heart of every apartment, large or small. That is why a successful design plan in this room is of paramount importance for the well-being at home. You usually choose between a few different plans that have proven to be particularly favorable for the modern style of living. The U-shape kitchen is one of those contemporary and very practical options. In the following we describe the typical advantages of the U kitchen and show you many wonderful pictures that speak for themselves.

The modern kitchen is the heart of the apartment – make it practical!

Illuminated kitchen design in a beautiful U-shape kitchen

What does the U-shape kitchen represent?

The U-shaped kitchen has a floor plan that has three sides of approximately the same length. The fourth side remains open and serves as an entrance. If you have a separate dining room, the wall with the entrance door usually remains free. The furniture and fittings are distributed on the remaining sides of the kitchen. A U-shaped kitchen can of course also be integrated into an open plan. This works very well with wide, rectangular frames. You can read more about the different U-shaped kitchen living plans in this part of our article. Below we write more about the integration of the U-shaped kitchen in different living plans.

The U-shaped kitchen goes well with any furnishing style!

Floor design ideas U shape kitchen

Why should you choose a U-shaped kitchen?


The U-shape kitchen is probably the most practical and functional of all modern options. You have a lot of space for different kitchen appliances. The wide space allows both the simple installation of these and the integration on the shelves. You can use everything pretty freely and safely.

You should use the vertical wall surface as optimally as possible, especially in tight spaces

Dark blue kitchen ideas in the U-shape

Lots of space

You have a lot of storage space not only for kitchen appliances, but also for free movement in the kitchen. Since everything is positioned on the sides, there is enough space in the middle for a kitchen table or a kitchen island. Many other pieces of furniture can be integrated, which turn the kitchen into a very multifunctional room.

The free space in the middle is often filled with a great kitchen island!

dark surface - very nice U-shape kitchen

Sufficient storage space

Make optimal use of the vertical wall surface on all sides. So you have enough storage space. Wide, well-organized shelves are typical of the U-shaped kitchen. They could be open or hidden behind the doors of elegant kitchen cabinets.

In confined spaces, it is best to combine the U-shape concept with multifunctional areas

dark cabinets - great U shape kitchen

Space for your own ideas

The U-shaped kitchen leaves plenty of scope for your own ideas. It’s about distributing everything on the three walls. The positioning of the kitchen appliances, as well as the sinks, work surfaces and other functional units, is up to you. Since you have a lot of space, you can hardly go wrong. So you can really organize the U-shape kitchen according to your own needs.

The U-shaped kitchen works very well in both small and large living plans!

Gray color and marble U shape kitchen

Integration of the kitchen in U-shape into various living plans

A small U-shape kitchen

The U-shape kitchen offers many advantages compared to other plans. However, when it has to be integrated into a small room, things get a little more complicated. The multifunctional surfaces are of prime importance here. They could be used both for storing various objects and for preparing food. The storage area should be planned as optimally as possible.

In this kitchen, the available space was used optimally and the space is not visually narrowed too much

Gray kitchen cabinets U-shape kitchen

U-shaped kitchen for a large space

You could go for a seamless look here. The wide interior space that opens up between the three different sides of the kitchen could be filled with additional functional work surfaces. Think of a beautiful kitchen island, a dining table, maybe even practical worktops. It is now fashionable to integrate a space for the home office in the kitchen. So you can easily do some tasks at the same time.

The U-shaped kitchen also works very well in the open plan living space

Bright room design U-shape kitchen

More pieces of furniture for your U-shaped kitchen

The integration of a kitchen island or a dining table in the middle of a U-shaped kitchen is the most obvious. Sometimes, especially in larger open plan living spaces, this can be supplemented with additional work or storage space. A home office is often a good idea as well. In the standard variant with the integration of the dining table or a kitchen island, your creativity should be used primarily in determining the shape and size of these pieces of furniture. These parameters should be adjusted according to the tastes and the number of people using the U-shape kitchen. When in doubt, you should think of folding furniture, which save the walking surface and still offer enough space if necessary.

Regarding the design, you should draw inspiration from the great pictures. Take a look at them and see for yourself that the U-shaped kitchen goes well with almost any style!

The U-shape kitchen plan leaves a lot of scope for the designers’ creativity

Light pink ideas U shape kitchen

The U-shaped kitchen can be particularly exciting thanks to the creative floor design

Wood and marble surfaces U-shape kitchen

Wood and black U shape kitchen

Wood and white surfaces U shape kitchen

U-shaped kitchen with simple modern cabinets

Rural ideas U shape kitchen

Wood and metallic accents bring visual movement to this U-shaped kitchen plan

rural kitchen ideas in a wonderful U-shape

Practical storage space U-shaped kitchen

Black and white contrasts U shape kitchen

Black and white design for a U shape kitchen

Super modern gray-green color - U shape kitchen ideas

Thanks to the transparent shelf design, this U-shaped kitchen looks modern and spacious at the same time

great wooden cabinets in a great U-shape - a kitchen

U-shape kitchen - glossy surfaces

U shape kitchen - smooth surfaces ideas

U shape kitchen - gray white color palette

U-shape kitchen - black kitchen ideas

Here you can see again how you can functionally divide an open living plan with a U-shaped kitchen plan

U-shape kitchen - transparent ideas for the interior

U shape kitchen gray design

U shape kitchen island ideas

U shape kitchen rural wood surfaces

U-shape kitchen with lots of light

The free area in the middle of this U-shaped kitchen has been provided with practical storage space

U shape kitchen nautical color palette

U shape kitchen pendant lights

U shape kitchen very elegant design

U shape kitchen very good ideas

U shape kitchen very nice chairs

The different sides of the U-shaped kitchen were executed in different colors

U-shape kitchen side kitchen island

U-shape kitchen great kitchen island with marble grain

U shape kitchen white kitchen ideas

U shape kitchen design ideas

U-shape kitchen design in wood look

You can set accents with the furniture in the middle of the U-shape!

U-shape kitchen design in contrasting colors

U-shape kitchen plan blue tiles

U shape long and narrow kitchen

U-shape white kitchen with black accents

vertical surfaces of different shapes U shape kitchen

The U-shape kitchen plan is arguably the most practical of them all

white bright kitchen U shape kitchen

White kitchen ideas U shape kitchen

White storage and work surfaces U-shape kitchen

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