Upcycling placemats – wall decoration in a boho look

Placemats are practical and just look great! Once you have it, you definitely don’t want to be without it again. But placemats don’t just look good on the table. With the help of these practical documents, all kinds of creative decoration ideas can be implemented. For example, a wall decoration in a stylish boho look. In combination with a few ordinary tin cans and decorative dried flowers, a boring, empty wall becomes a colorful eye-catcher in no time at all. And that with minimal expenditure of time and materials! Isn’t it great – right ?!

Bohemian wall decoration from placematsDesign wall decorations with placemats. Upcycling placemats

Since I’m a big fan of these practical documents, I have a lot of different placemats at home. Because depending on the season and the occasion, I use the set that matches the table decoration. But sometimes it also happens that a placemat loses its original purpose. Instead of being on the table, for example like here, it can be found on the wall. Because the sets also cut a great figure as wall decorations!

For this boho wall decoration you need the following utensils:

  • Placemats made of natural materials (reeds, seagrass, jute)
  • Food cans
  • Craft wire
  • Chalkpaint Spray / Acrylic varnish (white / apricot / vintage green)
  • Dried flowers
  • moss
  • Succulents
  • Floral foam
  • double-sided mounting tape

And this is how it is done:

Paint cans with chalk paint.

Painting cans

For this upcycling decoration you need different sized tin cans. First you remove the labels with a label remover or nitro thinner. After the cans are thoroughly cleaned and dry, you can start painting. For a matt, powdery effect, I recommend using chalk paint in spray form. Alternatively, ordinary acrylic paints are also suitable.

Cut floral foam.

Cans of dried flowers

Decoration idea with placemats

Put dried flowers

To stick the dried flowers we need a floral foam. Use a sharp knife to cut the floral foam and fill the cans with it. Now you start to set up the dried flowers and grass. For a natural look, put the grasses loosely at different heights. Much like they would occur in nature in a flower meadow. Finally, fill in any gaps with a little moss.

Fix the placemat with mounting tape

Attach mounting tape

Before we attach the cans, we attach double-sided mounting tape to the back of the placemats. These tapes are very practical because they can be removed from the wall without leaving any residue. Tip: Use an extra strong mounting tape to hang up these sets, as the sets with the cans have a bit of weight.

Attach cans to placemats with craft wire.

Fasten cans

Now the cans with the dried flowers are attached to the placemat. The best way to do this is to use a craft wire. You can thread the wire through the placemat from behind and wrap it around the box. Knot the wire on the back of the placemat.

Fasten the jar with succulents to the placemat.


Between all the dry plants, a few succulents add fresh accents with their lush green leaves. Our wall decoration looks a lot livelier!

Decorate the placemat with pampas grass.

Placemats with pampas grass

Larger grasses, such as Pampas grass or Palm leaves, you can attach directly to the placemats with craft wire.

Boho wall decoration with placemats.

Living room with a boho look.

Group and arrange placemats

Decoration tip: first lay out the placemats on the floor. So you can group the sets and move them around until the overall picture suits you. It is best to make a sketch or a photo of the arrangement that you like best. Two jute baskets have smuggled between my placemats. I just found them so suitable for this decoration idea.

Accompanying decoration for our wall decoration in boho look

Upcycling decoration with placemats.

Natural materials and pampas grass for a natural boho look.

With this wall decoration we bring a piece of nature into our home. In order to underline the natural, informal look, I have chosen home textiles in earthy tones. So, nicely decorated and care detailed pillows for a cozy and very special atmosphere. Cozy Skins are allowed to stay with me all year round. Other decorative accessories made from natural materials such as this one Decorative tray made of rattan also bring nature inside.

Boho style elements.

The pampas grass is particularly popular with friends of the Boho style. The fluffy, soft fronds also ensure naturalness and structure. Thus, they are a great addition to our boho wall decoration.

Perhaps you have now also felt like enchanting your living room or bedroom with the charm of the Boho style. You will definitely succeed with this wall decoration!

I wish you a lot of fun crafting and decorating!

All the best


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