Urban jungle look with easy-care plants

S.Houseplants have been trendy again for a few years now. The urban jungle look has just picked up speed again with the beginning of the corona crisis. Because many people make themselves comfortable at home. Now more than ever. The green air fresheners not only look great, they are also great for the indoor climate. I’ve been a fan of green plants for many years and today I bring you a few tips for your urban jungle look!

Urban jungle look with a macrame hanging seat
Hanging plant Peperomia tetraphylla 'Hope' for the urban jungle look

If you haven’t had a green thumb yet, it doesn’t matter. With a few useful pieces of information, anyone can create an urban jungle. It is important that you enjoy taking care of your darlings. Because even plants need a few strokes and love every now and then;). And also remember that someone has to take care of your plants when you go on vacation. We are lucky enough to live in a house community where there are lovely neighbors who support us during our vacations. In return, we will of course also take care of your plants or bring a little gift with us from your vacation. So, let’s get started with the Urban Jungle tips!

Peperomia hoffmannii in hanging vase from DEPOT
Urban jungle look with chandelier flower and Peperomia hoffmannii


  1. If you don’t have the super duper green thumb, start small first. It is best to start with 2 – 3 different easy-care plants and then expand gradually.
  2. Find out about the plants (care, location, space, etc.) before you buy and see which ones fit in your home. I have listed 6 of my plants below, including care and location tips.
  3. If you travel a lot, you should choose plants that can do without water for a long time.
  4. Light and temperature conditions are very important for your plant selection. Keep in mind that these can change depending on the season.
  5. Choose plants that you like and that suit you and don’t necessarily chase after trend plants. With good care, the plant will accompany you for a lifetime.
  6. If you have pets, make sure the plants you choose are not poisonous to them.
  7. Use high-quality & peat-free organic potting soil for your plants. They thank you with healthy growth. In spring, summer and autumn I also use an organic liquid fertilizer and provide my plants with additional nutrients. You can find casting instructions on the respective product.
  8. Keep in mind that plants need to be repotted every now and then. I do this mostly in the spring. Then they get fresh soil and, depending on the growth, sometimes a larger pot.

Urban jungle look: easy-care money tree
Tips for the urban jungle look with hanging plants


About 60 plants currently live in our home. These are distributed across all rooms and now even on two floors in the stairwell. You see, great love for plants here with us. For this post I redesigned our chill-out area and rearranged hanging plants in particular to give it that real jungle feeling. in the Macrame hanging nets the peperomies were allowed to take a seat. The candlestick flower feels in the Clay macrame hanging basket also very good. The hanging baskets are best attached with screw hooks from the hardware store. These are great eye-catchers Wall vases in small and large. I filled them with soil and plants that require little water. Here you have to be careful with the watering, as the water cannot run off. Alternatively, you can simply equip the wall vases with water and plant cuttings. In this case, change the water once a week and clean the vase well beforehand.

My absolute highlight in the new chill-out corner is that Hanging seat. This is even available as “double decker“For 2 people or to stretch out. If you have this with Fastening material on one Stand attached, you can even take it outside in summer. Fairy lights Wrapped around the stand, cozy summer evenings on the balcony or roof terrace promise. On the Side table Mia cool drinks can be put down. Of course, this also cuts a fine figure as a plant table.

Chandelier flower in hanging macramé from DEPOT
Urban jungle look with a macrame hanging seat, sun mirror and hanging plants


  1. Pilea: one of my favorite plants is the pilea. It is super easy to care for and can sometimes do without water for a long time. It doesn’t like standing in the blazing sun, but still likes to be bright. It is enough to water it moderately once a week. Avoid waterlogging at all costs. If you take good care of it, it will reward you with many offshoots. You can simply detach this carefully from the mother plant and put it in a small pot with soil. Great idea to give away to friends and relatives!
  2. Calathea orbifolia: my pride and joy and a great plant for darker corners. The Calathea Orbifolia doesn’t like sunlight at all and can stand a little darker. However, she drinks quite well and should always be kept slightly moist. When the leaves start to droop, water should be done as quickly as possible.
  3. Money tree: this lucky plant is relatively easy to care for and likes to stand in light. In winter, the money tree can move into the bedroom because it does not tolerate heating air so well. Then it should only be watered moderately. In summer he can also move out onto the balcony or terrace and can also tolerate more water.
  4. Peperomies: There are 1500-1700 species in the tropics. Wikipedia has a great listing of the different varieties. I have 2 different types as a hanging plant. Once the Peperomia hoffmannii and once the Peperomia tetraphylla ‘Hope‘. They thrive in bright locations and it is enough to water them moderately once a week. In winter, they should definitely be bright. The Peperomia hoffmannii I almost died once because it was too dark.
  5. Candlestick flower: I already have 2 of this hanging plant because it is so easy to care for. She likes bright locations, but not direct sunlight. As a succulent plant that can store water in leaves and tubers, the candlestick flower only needs to be watered moderately. It can withstand a short dry spell if you forget to water it. With good care, small, artistically shaped flowers adorn the candlestick flower, which the plant owes its name to.
  6. Efeutute: Inherited from her favorite grandma and a great plant for urban jungle beginners as it is very undemanding. She likes to be warm and a light to partially shaded location without drafts and direct sun is ideal for her. Varieties with dark foliage are also suitable for darker spaces in the middle of the room or in the stairwell. Since it appreciates high humidity, the Efeutute is also ideal for the bathroom. It grows quickly and can also be used wonderfully as a room divider. When it comes to the water supply, the Efeutute is also very easy to care for and sometimes forgives longer periods of drought. In the best case, however, you keep them evenly slightly moist.

Urban jungle look: hanging plant Peperomia hoffmannii in macrame hanging pot
Cosiness with the urban jungle look and macrame hanging seat

I hope I was able to inspire you with my plant tips & the urban jungle look! If you have any questions, please write me a comment below the post.

Your Nadine

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