Use purple wall paint skillfully and create a creative interior design

Use purple wall paint skillfully and create a creative interior design

The color purple is loved by some and hated by others. If you particularly like purple as a living color, you can also design the walls in this color. Here you have to pay attention to the right shade and skillfully combine all other colors in the interior. The wall color purple allows us to cleverly search for suitable interior solutions. For this reason, today we are going to give you some useful tips and inspiring ideas for wall design in purple.

Wall color purple – A rather unusual color for your own four walls

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Wall color purple: What do you have to consider when painting the walls in purple?

The wall color purple is suitable for everyone who wants to experiment in their own four walls. It is actually not that easy to properly incorporate purple as a wall color. First, it has a peculiar effect on the well-being in the room. Second, you have to be very careful when you match purple with other colors. That’s why we would call this wall color something special. But if you use it skillfully, you will enjoy an extraordinary interior design!

Purple is actually a collective term for many shades of purple. So you have to make a clear distinction between purple and violet. The color palette of purple actually contains numerous nuances and each of them has a very different look. Purple walls can therefore have a nostalgic flair, spread a fresh mood, appear mysterious or courageous, retro or luxurious. So it makes a huge difference whether you choose purple, violet, mauve or eggplant for your walls.

A delicate lilac tone or pale lavender make the room look inviting and even a little romantic. Dark purple nuances such as purple and berry tones, on the other hand, have a cold, sometimes even oppressive effect. And mauve seems to be a suitable wall color for those who find gray too impersonal and pink too girlish. The shades with a touch of pink or blue are also particularly trendy. So you should be clear about what kind of ambience needs to be created. This is how you can find the right purple shade.

Create an extraordinary purple mood

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Purple gives the kitchen an elegant look

wall color purple unusual kitchens make fresh and elegant

Put purple walls in the limelight

Whether you design all four walls in purple or just one is determined by several factors. The intensity of the color is crucial. It is also important to what extent purple dominates the interior design. You can treat yourself to a purple coat of paint on all room walls if the room is large and the purple shade is lighter. Otherwise, you should be very sparing with the wall paint purple.

In purple you can design the walls in the living and sleeping areas as well as in the children’s room and in the hallway. But one should proceed differently. In the bedroom, where there should be peace, an insulated shade of purple is more appropriate than bright colors. But if you want to set lively accents, you could be more courageous. This is possible in the living area, where you can express your individuality. For the children’s room, however, lighter tones are more suitable, which make the room appear airy and calm. Even the bathroom can be painted purple. In a small bathroom, the walls look wonderful if you paint them a strong purple shade. A dark purple shade would also add depth to such a bathroom.

Perhaps your favorite color is purple?

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A cool purple shade ensures a fresh look

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Depending on which color you have selected, it needs some support from other colors. This is the only way to correctly write purple as a wall color. Mint, red or orange help to bring purple to the fore. Yellow is also excellent for the purpose. However, yellow is the complementary color of purple. Pastel tinted colors pair wonderfully with purple.

One acts very cleverly if one emphasizes the purple walls with elements in purple in the other objects in the room. If purple is found in different fabrics, the color comes into its own.

One last tip: There is one more thing you should definitely be careful of if you want to design your walls in purple: The lighting conditions in the room make purple appear warmer or cooler. With warmer light, the red component comes into its own, and with colder light – the blue component.

Purple has a diverse range of colors

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Conclusion: Purple walls are more of an unusual wall design. You can enjoy a great variety of purple tones and consequently very varied design options. Each shade of purple has its own feeling. Purple can be dramatic, but it can also appear very elegant. So you should take enough time and plan in detail the room in which the walls should be painted in purple. But if you succeed in creating a beautiful wall design in purple, you will enjoy a dreamy home!

Depending on the hue, purple creates different moods

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Do you have the courage to experiment with wall design?

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The perfect wall paint for this bathroom!

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Purple and white are a great color duo!

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wall color purple white accent mauve walls living room

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