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Venetian plaster for creative wall design

Venetian plaster for creative wall design

The creative wall design gives the apartment a modern look. Just as creative is Venetian plaster, which has been known for centuries and makes walls look very artistic. This lime-based trowel technique was developed in the 15th century to impressively highlight stucco profiles on ceilings and walls. But if Venetian plaster is properly applied and processed, it is not only decorative, but also very durable. Today we would like to give you some ideas and tips on how the "Stucco Veneziano" looks and is processed.

Venetian plaster creates accents and classy in the room

Venetian plaster wall design bathroom

Venetian plaster must be selected correctly

"Stucco Veneziano", translated from Italian, means "liquid marble". Venetian plaster originally consists of lime and marble powder. This base can be tinted or marbled with color pigments. The lime-based plaster is an environmentally friendly material and is naturally resistant to fungus and mold. But real Venetian plaster can not be bought everywhere, is more difficult to process and has a higher price. In specialized shops there are complete sets for Venetian plaster with all the necessary materials and usually also the necessary tools. The synthetic building market putty usually consists of acrylic polymers and fillers such as gypsum or clay. So synthetic Venetian plaster is more of a plastic decorative plaster that is more related to color than to stone and does not have the longevity of the traditional Stucco Veneziano. The good thing about this is that it is available in many colors and can absorb harsh colors better than the natural lime-based Venetian plaster.

Combine bright colors with a great visual effect

wall paint ideas venetian plaster

Be precise with the workmanship

make venetian plaster walls make yourself

The processing of Venetian plaster

First of all, you should protect the ground and it is best to lay out two tarpaulins. It is important to know that the plaster is different than paint. The painter's crepe, which is used to protect frames and other walls that you do not want to plaster, is not suitable here.

The walls should also be prepared for plastering. Fill holes and bumps so that they are not visible at the end.

Our tip: If you use synthetic plaster, you can also fill the holes with it.

The Venetian plaster is worked in several shifts. First comes a suitable primer that you should apply thinly and evenly with a paint roller. This should then dry well (up to 24 hours). The professionals advise to use a special smoothing trowel with a fine serrated edge for applying the basic, structural and decorative layers. Thus, the given portion of putty is distributed in an even amount quickly on the wall. With the smooth edge of the trowel, the putty can then be smoothed quickly without pressure.

Prepare the necessary tools

wall design itself make venetian plaster

After the first putty layer is dry, the second color view comes. The later appearance of the surface depends on whether the second layer is applied from top to bottom, horizontally, in sheets or simply criss-cross. Who wants to achieve a greater effect, should apply a thin third layer. But the first should be well dried. Start at the same place you started the first shift. Hold the trowel at a 30 ° to 60 ° angle and work with pressure. In order to create a varied, lively and warm-looking surface, you should lightly sand down the putty layers and dust them off before the next view.

Then the surface should be polished. This is best done with a clean trowel and in a circular motion. Keep the trowel at a 30 ° angle to the wall and polish until the wall is completely smooth. The more you polish the plaster, the brighter it gets.

Bring the sealer to a shine

Venetian plaster walls framing

Finally comes a seal to protect the polished surface. Depending on the type of Venetian plaster (lime or synthetic) you should take the appropriate preservative

For beginners and DIY enthusiasts, we advise you to hire a professional painter or plasterer to make an effective wall with Venetian plaster. This task is a bit difficult and time consuming for beginners. Regardless of whether you hire a specialist or even accept this challenge, we wish you a lot of fun and a great success!

The Venetian plaster is perfect for emphasizing certain places

accent wall venizian plaster

Choose a light color for the hallway

hallway shape venetian plaster

Large selection of rich colors

Venetian plaster walls paint creatively

Perfect as an accent wall for the living room

Venetian plaster wall design living room

creative walls design venetian plaster

Venetian plaster is also suitable for the bathroom

wall design ideas venetian plaster

Ensure good workmanship

apartment set up venetian plaster

Venetian plaster is extremely durable

wall design bathroom venician plaster

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