Vintage furniture: 50s style in a contemporary concept

Vintage furniture: 50s style in a contemporary concept

The vintage furniture remains current despite the changes in trends. The 50s are particularly popular. No wonder: At this time, you experience a kind of renaissance in furniture, as well as interior design and architecture as a whole. The following examples clearly show what exactly is meant by this.

Vinage furniture is part of many eclectic concepts

brown light red

The vintage furniture can be combined with retro furnishings

The vintage furniture successfully introduces the historical theme into the home. They are therefore a great justification for the parallel application of other historical styles. You can combine the 50s furniture wonderfully with antique accessories. This kind of eclectic is great for anyone who values ​​their family heritage. You also live up to the spirit of historic houses.

New and old looking furniture are combined in the context of modern concepts

neutral furniture of modernity

You can show your DIY skills

The retro furniture is very often fetched from flea markets and original antique shops. They are already restored or you could spice them up with a do-it-yourself project. In both cases, the technical aspect comes into its own. This means that the interior furnishings are also of great value.

Modern furniture is chosen for its timeless appeal

blue and brown flair of modernity

The timeless aspects of good furniture are illustrated

The furniture from the 50s looks surprisingly contemporary in some interiors. You can achieve this effect by choosing furnishings with sleek lines and a seamless design.

If you set the dark vintage furniture against a light contemporary background, the whole thing also looks extremely topical.

Or you can stick to a monochrome color palette. Inside of this you can then furnish with vintage and contemporary furniture.

You can also successfully achieve a minimalist look with vintage furniture. Again, stick to the monochrome, preferably neutral color palette. Choose furniture and accessories with as few ornaments as possible.

Wooden tables are often found highlights in modern design

blue white colorful carpet

Vintage wooden furniture

The wood always looks up to date and it serves wonderfully as a connecting element of different styles. 1950s furniture is often made of this material and is considered a very practical choice. You can integrate this modern technology in the kitchen or living room. They are aesthetically pleasing and the balance between contemporary and modern is preserved.

In this facility, the theme of “green” dominates

green wallpaper great carpet

choose a topic

Modern furniture was very popular in many world metropolises at the time this style was created. They have common characteristics, but at the same time they each have their own character in the different countries and cities. This gives you the opportunity to devote yourself to a certain topic when furnishing your apartment or room. If you want more romance, choose vintage Parisian-style furniture. LA style looks more chic and upscale.

Diverse and multifunctional – that’s vintage furniture. For this reason they are used again and again in contemporary design concepts. This leaves enough space for creativity and the balanced appearance is produced fairly easily.

view terrace living room

blue midcentury background

blue with midcentury

blue and gray

brown gray black

brown midcetury blue furniture


brown and rural textures

brown and midcentury and glamorous

colorful furniture modern

colorful wallpaper midcentury

dark blue room stairwell

yellow against a dark background

gray and wood

bright furniture modern

wood bathroom midcentury

wood gray black furniture

wood and shiny accessories

wood and modern colors

interesting tapette chair modern

kitchen modern and contemporary

shine from the middle of the last century

midcentury view of nature

midcentury kitchen

midcentury living room

modern furniture

modern furniture as an accent

modern furniture

modern open space with furniture from the middle of the century

modern ambience nature

modern sofa

modern furniture on the second floor

modern home landscape

modern and contemporary leather

nature art modern furniture


open living space modern furniture

chess floor

black and white fabric floor

Scandinavian bright modern

bohe and modern style furniture

terrace modern

white gray black

white with a brown table

white neutral contrast with dark furniture

white and marritim

home interior with modern furniture

living room with decorative elements in the modern style

living room with modern furniture

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