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The wallpaper choice or the change of wallpaper in your own home is an important matter that you always have to take to heart. The perfectly selected wallpapers are the nuts and bolts of a successful interior. These ensure the overall appearance of each room and determine the living atmosphere at home. Furthermore, the wallpaper can also provide a great decorative accent and thus spice up, for example, the monochrome device.

The tastes are different, but today we want to draw your attention to a talented designer and his wallpaper patterns that will definitely make for a WOW effect in every room.

floral wallpaper pattern designer wallpaper

The creative designer Lars Contzen

The born Frankfurter is an artist who is inspired by nature, technology and the digital world. Furthermore, he gets inspiration from fashion, music and from different style epochs. His wallpaper designs are distinctive, full of cheerful vibrancy and cheerful colors. His motives are partly hand-drawn, partly also designed on the computer. This is especially true for his collection "Lars Contzen FOUR". Striking 3-D graphics and floral motifs turn the walls into impressive living backdrops. A memorable pattern, which has also become his trademark, is the "Le Pop" – a modern floral pattern. Lars Contzen has developed a total of seven wallpaper collections. Here you can look at some of his wallpaper works and even acquire them.

Furthermore, Lars Contzen also creates furniture, floors, room and living space concepts for customers from all over the world. But that is a topic for a next article. We try to summarize and describe his wallpaper collections in a few words.

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Some Lars Contzen collections in short preview

Artist Edition N ° 1 The eight designs reflect their inventor's sense of color, shape and composition. Wallpapers that give character to the rooms and are almost unique for walls. In addition to natural patterns such as delicate flowers, leaves and shells, this collection also includes geometric motifs – stripes, meanders and rhombuses. Simply unique and subtle in structure and shape.

Contzen Four – An artistic, multi-faceted and at the same time very homely collection. Here everyone will find a wallpaper pattern for themselves. From colored geometric figures to floral drawings to ultra-Japanese origami figures, even the greatest science-fiction film fan will find the perfect wallpaper for themselves.

Contzen Matrics – Unusual designs with innovative graphic flock prints in a pop-art look for a stylish, modern ambience. One should have seen this collection – garland streaks, maple leaves, hunting motifs, small colored stars and luscious rose petals, all in different discreet and contrasting color combinations, stand for authenticity, innovation and artistic aspiration of the brand "Contzen".

Simply create a breathtaking ambiance in your home by choosing a multi-facetted wallpaper pattern. The wholesale also offers other designer wallpaper, which are also worth a look. But the long thinking will not make the decision easier. Choose this wallpaper that suits you best and attracts your attention immediately.

floral pattern in pop art style

chavron wallpaper in patellfarben

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