Wallpaper trends for the bedroom 2020: tips for the modern choice!

Wallpaper trends for the bedroom 2020: tips for the modern choice!

The wallpaper is a popular method for room decoration. But if they are used inappropriately, they can ruin even the most stylish interior. The fashion trends always provide variety, but you should know that the delicate pastel colors such as gray, beige or white always look good in the bedroom. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t follow the latest interior design fashion trends. Find out today which are the latest wallpaper trends for the bedroom.

The Pantone Institute is considered to be the renowned company that annually announces the color of the year. For 2020 this is the classic blue. If you are considering freshening up the bedroom with new wallpaper, check out our tips and ideas!

Current wallpaper trends for the bedroom

wallpaper trends bedroom furnishing modern wallpaper

Important tips when choosing wallpaper for the bedroom

We have listed some general pieces of advice for choosing bedroom wallpaper that may be of use to you:

  • Bright bedroom rooms that are illuminated by the natural rays of the sun can be decorated in cold, dark nuances. In this way the natural light is softened.
  • On the contrary, you should furnish the dark bedroom, which is not sufficiently illuminated by the sun, in lighter colors. This makes the room look brighter and larger.
  • The absence of strong contrast visually expands the space, allowing even the smallest bedroom to be kept in a dark tone without the need for a garish color scheme. However, it should be noted that such a room is more difficult to perceive than a lighter one.

An absolute hit for the bedroom

bedroom wallpaper wallpaper trends bedroom decor

An idea for nature fans

bedroom wall design current wallpaper trends wall murals

Photo wallpapers in the bedroom are in the foreground in 2020

The photo wallpaper has been an absolute hit in the bedroom for a long time. This is only getting hotter! But what’s new about it?

  • Photo wallpapers in 2020 represent decoratively stylized images.
  • Realistic photos of beaches and forests since the early 2000s have been replaced by watercolors, appliqués, murals and pencil sketches.
  • One of the advantages of such a wall covering is that it is suitable for both large and small bedrooms.
  • The 3D photo wallpapers are simply ideal for the very small bedrooms. These make the room look larger, especially in combination with mirror surfaces.

Wallpaper with monochrome graphic patterns

decorating the bedroom wallpaper trends bedroom

An accent for the small bedroom

graphic wallpaper wallpaper trends bedroom

bedroom wallpaper pattern wallpaper wallpaper trends bedroom

Wallpaper trends: graphic pattern on wallpaper

Wallpaper with graphic patterns is another current trend in recent seasons and it will continue to do so. They look simply stunning in monochrome tones such as black, white, gray with metallic accents.

  • If you like straight and clear lines, opt for a minimalist and stylish interior design. This is the best way to combine wallpapers with graphic printing.
  • In the specialized stores you can always find such original and stylish wallpaper that will give the bedroom an incredible charm.
  • The experts are of the opinion that it is much more effective to design just one wall with graphic wallpaper. In the small bedroom, the wall above the bed is best for this. This creates a spacious illusion and the room looks bigger.

Stylish bedroom with elegant wall cladding

modern wallpaper wallpaper trends bedroom

Exploiting the beauty of natural materials

wallpaper trends bedroom pattern wallpapers wall wallpapers

Textured wallpapers – noble and stylish

The list of wallpaper trends for the bedroom 2020 would not be complete without the textured wallpapers. Wallpapers that imitate natural materials such as marble, stone, leaves, crocodile or even leopard skin are also very trendy.

  • With the help of such wallpapers, the most daring ideas can easily be realized and a beautiful, versatile interior can be designed.
  • How to distinguish the modern textured wallpapers 2020? They shouldn’t have shiny details or vinyl inserts, the coating should be matte. The picture itself can be a drawing.

Romantic bedroom wallpapers with a touch of the exotic

bedroom wallpaper trends bedroom wall mural

Indian flair on the bedroom wallpapers

Chintz is an Indian cotton or linen fabric with a floral pattern on a light background. Recently, designers are turning to these models of wallpaper in bedroom design.

  • The delicately decorated wallpapers are suitable for romantic, bright bedroom furnishings such as Provence style.
  • Chintz wallpapers add style and elegance to the room. They look very impressive in the bedroom.
  • Manufacturers are bringing a new look to Indian designs by styling them in every possible way, adding vibrant colors and geometric shapes.

The designers always have ideas for combining different types of wallpaper. One of the most preferred uses in 2020 will be to combine two models of wallpaper in the bedroom.

Have you already found your favorite among our ideas?

Combine different types of wallpaper

wallpaper trends wallpaper combine bedroom wallpapers

Monochrome nature pictures look very stylish

bedroom furnishings modern wallpaper wallpaper trends bedroom

Graphic sample wallpapers in black and white are modern and classic at the same time

black and white wallpaper wallpaper trends bedroom

A daring wall design in dark color

black wallpaper wallpaper trends bedroom

Introduce some color through chintiz wallpaper

bedroom furnishing wall murals wallpaper trends bedroom

pattern wallpapers wallpaper trends bedroom modern wallpaper

3d wall murals wallpaper trends bedroom

Combine the dark wallpaper with mirror surfaces

modern wall paper wall paper bedroom wallpaper trends

A colorful idea for flower fans

modern bedroom wallpaper trends wall wallpaper

bedroom wall murals current wallpaper trends

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