Welcome autumn with this garden and balcony furniture

Welcome autumn with this garden and balcony furniture

The hot summer is drawing to a close. The sky is full of clouds, birds can no longer be heard, rain is seen more than sun, the days are getting shorter and the nights longer. Still, that’s no reason to hang your head. Autumn is probably the most romantic and cozy fairytale season.

Anyone who has a garden still has a lot to do before the first snowflakes fall from the sky: autumn is harvest time. Meanwhile, autumn is probably the favorite time for those with artistic and design talent, when they can really develop their creativity. No other season has such a colorful palette of rich, warm tones, the color spectacle of which amazes us every year.

A peaceful lunch on the edge of the forest

Old wooden table and chairs autumn forest

You immediately think of the leaves, which change their colors from green to red, orange and brown, of the aromatic spicy tea with honey and lemon, hot apple strudel and an interesting book that you read in the rain. And what better place to marvel at nature in all its splendor than from your own themed patio, veranda, balcony or garden?

The warm color tones of this entrance point to peace and comfort

Entrance autumn stone house

Add pillows, pads, woolen and tablecloths to your lounge chairs, chairs and tables that are pleasing to the eye and at the same time keep you warm on the cooler days and nights. Place arrangements of aromatic candles or lanterns, chestnuts and pumpkins on the table next to the autumn dishes. Bouquets are easy to make from brightly colored leaves, rose hips and sunflowers. If you have a yard, you can hang bird and squirrel feeders and watch the little animals prepare for winter.

The fire in the fireplace gives warmth and the flowers give joy

Garden autumn furniture made of wood

But choosing the right material for garden furniture is just as important as decorating it. We have selected and analyzed the most popular models on the market for you and also give you some decoration and combination suggestions.

From the sofa you can look out over the early autumn field

Balcony porch autumn lake armchair iron


Plastic furniture is cheap, easy to find and maintain in many varieties. They don’t mind the weather and they can stand outside all year round. Spraying them with water once a week is enough and they’ll look like new again.

Deck chairs that imitate wood look almost exactly like the original

Patio fall lounge chairs fireplace


Colorful furniture autumn garden

Wood and rattan

Wood is the most typical material for outdoor and home furniture, but carries the risk of splintering and rotting if poorly preserved. You can read here how to protect your tables and chairs from this. We recommend long-lived species such as teak and cedar, which are less affected by the weather conditions.

Rattan can be left to the will of the weather for a long time. Its life can be extended significantly with a waterproof protective cover, otherwise it will be weak and fragile.

The light wood gives the impression of being out of date

Fireplace fire autumn wooden furniture

Rattan armchair with beautifully colored decoration

Outdoor fall chair rattan


Aluminum is often preferred to any other material because of its natural properties that prevent it from rusting. It can be easily brought into any shape and looks modern. Rain does not damage it in any way, but like all metals it cools down and therefore seat cushions or covers are recommended.

Aluminum can be painted as you like

Blue chairs and aluminum table. Autumn garden

Wrought iron

The most expensive material for your outdoor design is wrought iron, but it is very durable and stable. The shapes are reminiscent of the Victorian era and bring breathtaking elegance to your garden or patio. You are also welcome to paint the normally black iron and personalize it.

The black iron is easily visible under the new color

Iron blue chairs table autumn garden

Cushions make sitting on wrought iron furniture more comfortable

Iron autumn furniture house outdoor

Rat armchairs and couches on the glassed-in porch

Autumn armchair forest rats

The light chain illuminates the robust wood

Old wooden garden wood furniture autumn

Veranda balcony autumn armchair furniture

Garden fall loungers outdoor

Garden autumn furniture wooden table deco

House patio fall fireplace

Autumn garden furniture house outdoor

Outdoor fireplace autumn colorful furniture

Lake autumn wooden chairs outdoor

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