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Welcome baby! Make modern diaper cake itself

Finally, the trend "Babyshower" or as here mostly "baby shower" called, also arrived in Germany. Because that means there are birthdays, weddings and bachelorette parties another reason for beautiful deco, surprises and craft afternoons! At a baby shower, the expectant mother is usually spoiled by her friends with a small surprise party. This afternoon, for example, Painted bodysuits and small games or betting on birthday or name of the unborn party. It is eaten together and sometimes gifts for the baby are handed over here.

A classic is a so-called "diaper cake". For this diapers are made into the shape of a cake and gladly supplemented with small gifts or money / vouchers.
The practical value of this gift can be rated with a 1 with asterisks, because diapers are always needed as a freshly baked mom!

Therefore, I would say, the end of the many words: I'll show you now how you can make yourself a nice diaper cake, which then makes a cool highlight on the gift table of every baby shower.

Making a diaper cake yourself: you need it!

For my variant I used the following material:

  • 94 diapers
  • 2 white gauze diapers to wrap around (alternatively you also have wrapping paper, you see at the bottom level)
  • wide jute ribbon and decoration fabric / tulle
  • Artificial flowers / Eucalyptus
  • A roll for fixing the floors (here, for example, empty roll of aluminum foil)
  • caketopper
  • String, scissors, glue and round shapes of different sizes (here springform and tray, for example)

That's how it works:

  1. Split the diapers as follows:
  2. 57 pieces for the largest and lowest floor (makes approx. 35 cm diameter)

    30 pieces for the middle (gives about 25 cm diameter)

    7 pieces for the top floor (gives about 15 cm in diameter)

    Pay attention to the fact that you tie the respective floors together tightly, only in this way you get stability.

    1. Tie the 7 diapers for the upper floor together with a string. Repeat this also with 7 diapers, which are intended for the lowest floor.
      1. Divide the remaining 50 diapers of the lower level in small piles and put the diapers slightly offset.
        1. Place a bundle of 7 diapers in the middle of your biggest form (here the tray) and put the piles around it. Then fix everything with a string around the outside.
          1. For the middle level, I simply put all the diapers in the springform and then fix them with a string. These can be placed at the top of the form around the diapers and pulled together easily. After opening the Springform you can then lift the squeezed diapers out on the string.
            1. Now stack the three parts and put the role through the middle of all three parts, so you get the classic pie look and everything stays in its place.
              1. Now the outside edges are wrapped with ribbons, gauze or wrapping paper at will to get a more uniform look. The jute tape can be fixed well with a tacker.
                1. The artificial flowers can finally be put on the cake according to taste. Among other things, I took a wooden stick (shashlik skewer) of the Photobooth accessories and attached it with a little wire to a large artificial flower. This can then easily be stuck in the cake. Of course, glue can be used instead of wire. The other flowers and branches as well as the Caketopper I put directly into the cake. Ready – so easy you can make a diaper cake yourself!

                Sweet decoration for your baby shower!

                So that the diaper cake is not so alone on the gift table, have the sweet giraffe and Koalabär sat down. You can find many more gifts for the first years of life here.

                But it may also be something for the expectant mom 🙂 The metal ring on foot can be individually decorated for every occasion and every season. For our baby shower we have a few twigs of eucalyptus tied to the ring with the photobooth baby.

                It will be a girl? Then here's the baby shower in pink.

                It'll be a boy? Then it goes to the baby shower in blue.

                Have fun crafting and giving wishes

                Lisa from @ creativ.wifey

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                Make a modern diaper cake itself first appeared on Beautiful with you by DEPOT.


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