Which two wall colors will remain trendy for 2019?

Which two wall colors will remain trendy for 2019?

The wall colors define the space very well and create an elegant and stylish environment. The modern wall color symbolizes dynamism and your personality. Our editorial team always presents the latest nuances, which are enjoying growing popularity. Today we’re talking about two wall colors that will introduce a design language in 2019 that will leave you speechless. In this article you will learn great tips and interesting design ideas about the wall color for 2019 teracotta and indigo blue.

Indigo blue or teracotta wall paint for 2019? It depends on your personal taste!

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Teracotta wall paint for 2019

The warm nuances are a new symbol of luxury. The color teracotta is without a doubt one of the top nuances of the next year. Also called matte orange, this color creates a style that is aesthetically pleasing. Nowadays this matt orange color is a trend and gives every room a warm look. The stylish wall paint can be beautifully combined with wooden furniture and decorative items made from natural materials. Teracotta color is repeatedly combined with ethnic motifs and soft fabrics. The clear shapes and matt surfaces will certainly highlight the wall color. The red nuances give the teracotta wall paint a dynamic flair.

This nuance is determined to be powdery and subtle. Teracotta creates a natural harmony and creates a perfect ambience that looks impressive. Similar to the indigo blue wall paint, teracotta can create an elegant depth of color.

The teracotta wall paint looks so elegant! Don’t forget the details!

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Indigo blue – intimate atmosphere and calming effect

Indigo has been used to dye various fabrics for many years. This nuance comes from an Indian dye plant. This natural dye was later brought to Europe. It is described as the last shade of blue, because the shade lies between blue and purple.

The indigo blue wall color is very different from the teracotta shade. Designers and experts claim that indigo blue will play a leading role in 2019. The color creates an elegant feeling of depth in the room and gives the wall a magical appearance. Indigo blue creates a balanced and refined interior. Since this shade is particularly dark, you can only opt for one accent wall. The versatility of the color could be combined with many other nuances. Decorative pieces and works of art in gold are determined to be the perfect complement to this color palette. If you combine indigo blue with the right decorative pieces, you create an elegant and sovereign room.

Indigo blue is considered one of the best nuances for the bedroom. Calming and stylish appearance!

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Quality comes first!

If you choose a certain color palette, you should get to know the product details better. Quality should be a top priority. For this, you should first consider the main factors of color before you make a mistake. The perfect color result depends on many factors. First and foremost is the optimal color fastness. The wall paint should be easy to work with. More and more homeowners prefer the low-odor and breathable colors, which ensure optimal color strength.

Note the product details of the wall color

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Which wall color do you like best? Our picture gallery will help you to get to know the two nuances better. Discover great designs and concepts!

Would you like a wall color that has a calming effect? Then indigo blue is the right choice!

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A modern wall color for 2019 is definitely teracotta. Perfect for every room!

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Do you envision a better wall paint for your bedroom?

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The wall color indigo blue creates an elegant depth in every room

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Enjoy one of the top wall colors for 2019

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Teracotta wall paint gives the room an elegant flair. The color has many uses!

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The well-selected decorative pieces can be perfectly combined with the wall color!

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