A cozy winter decoration is simply part of the cold season. In addition to the festive Christmas decorations, you can now embellish the cold season with a delicate winter decoration. It can also be easy – with desaturated colors, delicate light sources, natural materials and subtle decoration that also extends into the Christmas time let us make ourselves really comfortable at home.

Small light houses are ideal as a subtle light source. Their warm light not only creates a cozy atmosphere on the windowsill. They also round them off on a side table next to the sofa or on the sideboard winter decoration from. As a simple wall or Window decoration With the help of a transparent thread, you can make a wonderful decorative mobile from the graphic metal tree and the nostalgic mirror pendants.




Transparent beauties as winter decorations

A beautiful and simple winter and Christmas decoration are transparent glass balls filled with eucalyptus or fir branches. To do this, simply carefully pull out the ball holder, press the natural branch into the ball and fasten the ball holder to the ball again by pressing the wires together.

To match the natural look, join the balls together with a jute thread in different lengths and create an ensemble e.g. B. hang on a cupboard or on the window handle. The delicate beauties in the middle of a Christmas wreath also look very beautiful.



A simple glass box or a large lantern with small decorative fir trees and a chain of lights bring a cozy warmth into the room. It doesn't matter whether it's on the closet or the Windowsill – the simple light decoration object is definitely an eye-catcher.



Decorative stars made of paper in muted colors as winter decorations

Plain paper stars in white, gray and black are the subtle answer to gold sheen and tinsel. That's why you can decorate your home before Christmas and for a while afterwards. Regardless of whether as beautiful Window decoration or simply as an ensemble on the wall. It is best to fasten with transparent thread, so they almost appear as if they are floating.


And of course you can hang up a simple wreath with eucalyptus and stars as a winter decoration before the Christmas decoration. This brings some nature into the house and gives off a wonderful scent. A decorative ring made of willow serves as the basis, which can be used again and again.

I hope you have a lot of fun redecorating the winter decorations and making them cozy.

Your Mona


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