Woodchip wallpaper – an inexpensive, but at the same time classic and diverse alternative

Woodchip wallpaper – an inexpensive, but at the same time classic and diverse alternative

The woodchip wallpapers are one of the most practical alternatives for wall design in a wide variety of rooms. Other options would be photo wallpapers, non-woven wallpapers, fiberglass wallpapers, and sample wallpapers. The woodchip variant is considered the cheapest, but it should by no means be written off as the lowest in terms of quality. There are now many variations in design and manufacturing technology has improved tremendously in recent years. The woodchip wallpapers are a perfect variant for low-cost renovations that still strive for an extremely homely effect.

There are many different types of grains and colors

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The different types of woodchip wallpaper

There are four different types of woodchip wallpaper. The Paper woodchip wallpapere is the simplest of them. It consists of three different layers of paper and contains the largest amount of cellulose. The non-woven woodchip wallpaper have a layer that distinguishes them from the paper variant. The side that is to be attached to the wall is made of fleece. This variant is a little easier to attach to the wall. Soaking with the help of the paste is not necessary. One smooth stroke is all it takes to attach it to the vertical wall surface. The so-called liquid woodchip wallpaper is actually a kind of wall paint that shows the look of wallpaper. Finally, there is also a variant that has a Aluminum vapor barrier disposes. It is characterized by a layer of aluminum foil. This is the most expensive variant due to its antibacterial properties and resistance to the formation of mold.

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The most important selection criteria for woodchip wallpaper

As already said, we have a wide range of woodchip wallpapers available. The consumer's goal is, of course, to make the most practical decision possible. In the following we list some of the most important selection criteria.

The price

That is clearly the biggest advantage of woodchip wallpapers. However, there are also certain differences between the various variants described above. You have to decide which investment is really worthwhile in your case. The other selection criteria will help you.

Which design solution would be best for you?

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Matching wallpapers for the rented apartment

As a rule, you should choose a fairly inexpensive option for rented apartments. Therefore, in this case, you should prefer to opt for a woodchip wallpaper. It is also suitable for this partly because it is very easy to tear off due to its composition.

Easy to attach

The paper version, however, is a bit more complex when it comes to attaching it to the wall. The non-woven woodchip wallpapers are a much better option in this regard. However, you should expect a little more time to tear off when the time comes. The liquid version is ideal for those who prefer to paint the walls, but at the same time want to achieve the homely effect of the wallpaper in the interior design.

You can achieve an ombre effect pretty easily with flowing woodchip wallpaper

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Find a suitable variant for your interior design

The external, purely stylistic appearance of the woodchip wallpaper is primarily related to its grain size. There are dozens of different variations in this regard that are more or less gritty. Of course, it makes a big difference what you take and what goes worse or better in your interior design. If you also consider the many different colored options, you have a very good chance of finding an extremely individual solution.

Different woodchip wallpapers have their own specifics!

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The right woodchip wallpaper for your apartment and room

The woodchip wallpapers are suitable for almost all rooms in the apartment. You can therefore achieve uniformity in the design of the apartment. The relatively simple attachment allows the decoration of the most varied of surfaces. Wall niches and tricky corners in the interior can be quickly transformed into a great accent with the help of the woodchip wallpaper.

The most diverse rooms can be wallpapered in this way

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More helpful tips

The room must never be ventilated immediately after wallpapering. This increases the risk that these wallpapers will peel off quickly afterwards. Special attention is also necessary when treating the corners. They absolutely have to be painted over once so that they stick. When you wallpaper, you must always have an object with a smooth edge ready. The tearing should be done with this, so that the edges are even. You can't achieve this effect with cutting.

Woodchip wallpapers are therefore a good idea for renovations of all kinds. You have the option of making an individual choice and you would have to use it without hesitation!

The most varied ideas can be realized with flowing woodchip wallpaper

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Rural design can be wonderfully realized with the woodchip wallpapers

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The woodchip texture creates a homely atmosphere

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Another great decoration idea with woodchip wallpaper

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